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United Games is coming out with a NEW Mobile Sports gaming app in October. This mobile app will be interactive and you play along while watching your favorite team. You make the call's such as who will get the ball first, how many interceptions will a team get, will they run or pass the next play. You win lifetime achievement points and can exchange those for prizes. What other FREE mobile gaming app does that. You can also chat and be social with over 300 Athlete's, ex athlete's and Celebrities that have already joined. United Games is releasing the Mobile Game app with the National Football League, the Major League Soccer and from what I understand European Soccer. They have plans on launching other sports in the future. They plan on releasing a Game for every sport world wide. This is a Global opportunity and is pre launch right now.

Benefits of getting in early are;

* Be the first to download and play

*Start accumulating lifetime achievement points before your friends

*You will be able to share with your friends and family and earn tokens to play the game.

*You will get a name badge that no other players will be able to achieve after the app is released. (bragging rights)

*You will get some extra tokens or lifetime achievement points (still TBD) right from the start.

I would be happy to send you a free player code, so you can play the game before anyone else.

There is a business opportunity that can go along with this for a limited time still. The app is FREE to be a player and a low $39.99 + $10 a month fee to be a affiliate.

As a affiliate you earn on every token earned and any token played in your leagues that you start. So say you invite 10 free players and they share a free game app with 10 players that's 100. Then those 100 share with 10 each, that's 1,000. Those 1,000 share with 10 that's 10,000.

Those 10,000 buy/earn the average of $7 a week. That's $70,000 a week and you earn 10% which is $7,000 a week, $28,000 a month and $336,000 a year all from sharing a FREE app that will go viral with 10 of your friends. What other business can you earn that kind of money on for $150 a year?

I would be happy to send you a Affiliate invite, if you want to build a business like I am. or email me at

This article was published on 15.09.2016 by Ed Hudson
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