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      A health company offers health and wellness products which can greatly improve your health. They also offer an opportunity to make a lot of money simply by sharing those products with others. The company called healthy nu living is a ground floor opportunity, having just started in January 2022. The health products range from items good for your brain, heart, and circulatory system to beauty products for the skin and outer body.

       While the products are exciting, the marketing/compensation plan is even more exciting. The company offers a 2x10 forced matrix for it's affiliates to earn money from. What this means is that everyone who joins the company as an affiliate is guaranteed to profit with a little work, some patience, and the passage of a reasonable period of time. The reason that I say this is because everyone that comes into the company as a distributor can only have two people on their first level, 4 people on their second level, 8 people on their third level, etc, etc, ect. In other words, each of the 10 levels can only have a limited number of people. Therefore, what this means is that everyone in the organization will get over flow of recruits from, not only your direct sponsored, but also from all the people above you, them, and others above them. So, as the company grows, people will continue to flow from the top down to the lower levels. This is exciting because you can see that from this analysis that over time, everyone in this company will eventually receive recruits and eventually have their matrixes. A full matrix will pay you $5,150.00 per month. Be it know that you do not have to have a full matrix in order to be paid. Even with a partially filled matrix will pay you a nice monthly income. 

       The cost of becoming an affiliate is only $30.00 and $30.00 per month thereafter. That is the cost to become and stay qualified to earn commissions. As you earn money in your matrix, the company will withhold the $30.00 each month so that you do not have to continue to pay that $30.00 out of your pocket each month. Your commissions are paid either directly to your bank or to a debt card issued by the company. 

       The company has great training videos, great marketing materials, and a great support system. There are sizzle calls, training seminars, conference calls, etc to help all of it's affiliates to succeed. The company website is professionally done and very informative. Incidentally, the company gives each affiliate their own personal replicated website and splash pages all without any additional charges. Belive me, this company is going places and will be a household name in a few months. Why do I say this? I say this because the company this company has provided everything that is necessary to succeed. No one will be left behind. 

       So, please do yourself a great favor and check out all the details of this company. I think that you will be happy that you did. Listen to the 3 minute sizzle call at 1-518-530-1766 a

This article was published on 07.03.2022 by Morris Jennings
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