New Affiliate Alert: Earn $2000 or more DAILY as an affiliate!

New Affiliate Alert: Earn $2000 or more DAILY as an affiliate!

Hi. With the current increase in cost of living and high exchange rate, wouldn’t it be a good idea if you find a way to earn in US Dollar $$$$ DAILY (I mean EVERYDAY)?

Did you know that you can trade and invest as little as $100 with an average monthly returns of 30% BY YOURSELF WITHOUT GIVING CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY TO A THIRD PARTY?

Did you also know that as an affiliate, you could earn average DAILY passive income of $2,000 and above (That is he daily average result in my global affiliate community)?

The good news is all these are possible for you, today even with a zero knowledge of Cryptocurrency.

You see, the cost and consequences of ignorance is worse than any disease you can think of. It would be my pleasure to hold your hand and show you how you could earn US Dollars DAILY trading by yourself with AI robot and also massively from $2,000 and above DAILY joining my global affiliate community.

Are you in? I guess you should. Go here: or reply to this message and send me a chat/call/sms on WhatsApp +234 814 063 0063. We want to get you started NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The following are questions new members or prospective members ask as they are introduced to this global opportunity:

- What is the name of your affiliate Programme? The name of our global affiliate business is ROYAL QUANTITATIVE. RoyalQ in short.

- How old is this business opportunity? We are just closing 3 months of global deployment so it’s still a fresh and massive opportunity. If you’re reading this now, you’re getting a floor entry opportunity. Please, don’t delay as we are already approaching 300,000 global happy affiliates.

- Is this a local or global business? RoyalQ is an international affiliate business and has over 250,000 users all over the world.

- Can anyone join your affiliate community from anywhere in the world? Yes, you can join us from any part of the world, irrespective of geographical location. This is a global opportunity and we have members spread everywhere in the world. I’ll be glad to personally welcome you and celebrate your success, too.

- How safe if my money trading with a robot? Trading with a robot is very safe as the robot does not have any permission to withdraw your fund from your exchange. The only permission granted is to trade with the fund you allocate to it 24/7 with profit. In fact, the robot has been set up to only take profit and not loss.

- What is the average monthly percentage return on investment using the robot? So far we have an average of 30% profit using the robot to trade. There are others making up to 76% or more monthly. Since results are not typical, we like to stick with the average of 30%.

- Can I stop the robot from trading for me at anytime? Yes, your wish is what the robot carries out, all the time. It stops when you ask it and resumes when you command it to do so.

- Can my account be hacked? The safety of your trading account is in your hand. The robot cannot have access to hack and anybody cannot hack your trading account except you grant them by handing your sensitive password and other security codes to them.

- Can the robot withdraw my money? Not at all. The robot does not have access to withdraw. It can only trade with profit for you 24/7.

- How does the affiliate program work? With just 3 people directly sponsored by you, your team will grow in no time. There’s a high growth rate right now because it’s new and not yet saturated. The retention rate is equally amazing. People have found a system that is both reliables profitable especially with the current economic downturns. Earning in Dollars is king!

- What is the support system your own community gives to members, especially new team members? We love the fast growth of our global community and as an experienced Network Marketing professional, we have a system that supports on team education, DAILY prospect meetings including on weekends, we also help occasionally to support you by positioning new members in your team for growth among other critical supports. Becoming a part of our global affiliate community will be a plus to your drive, experience and success story. One more thing, we also give free Crypto education to the community. This has been of immense help to all the members of our affiliate community. We cannot wait to have you join us. Let’s rock this, together wherever you are in the world.

About me: My name is Mike. I’m a successful trainer, trader and investor in Cryptocurrency. I trade with very good Technical and Fundamental Analyses tools. I also help people with Zero knowledge of Crypto to use trading bots to make average of 30% returns every month BY THEMSELVES WITHOUT GIVING OUT CONTROL OF THEIR MONEY TO ANYONE.

This article was published on 19.09.2021 by Mike Ajao
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Wole Ajiboso I love this. Quite attractive and safe. Let me have further details please.  4 months ago

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