Defeated Cons, Deception, and Dissappointment!

Good Day to all my friends on the site!

     I have tried it all in Internet Marketing and have invested a great deal of time, money, energy, and compassion to the online income pursuit. I have faced many frustrations and dead ends over this 10 year course. I always kept a real career as I was afraid of never making it online. I became a Nurse and now hold a Masters Degree in Administration. During this journey I realized that the name of the game is staying positive, innovative, creative, and above all, owning your accomplishments and your failures. I teac this this to my team and apply it online everyday. 

     My failures online came to an abrupt end the day I met a MLM marketer named Franklin. I figured, sure I will sing up for your offer ans pend some money and try to market it. I will get a few leads here and there and the commissions will never make it to me because of fees and minimal payout rules. Sound familiar? Well, this was different. Let me explain.

     Franklin showed me the system he uses to earn his commissions. I thought, fair enough. I will try this system. What else do I have to lose? I joined and quickly saw the simplicity of the design. It was simple, easy to understand, and easily duplicated. Franklin explained how the team will get me people to join my business. I bought into the idea and tried it. Well, within a few days I had 8 people join my business. I did some of my own tactics that I have learned and got a couple sign ups. I again turned to Franklin. Bamm! 5 more signups, then another 6 more. I began teaching this same technique to those joining me and, well you guessed it! I have never been exposed to a team that truly delivers what they promise. 

     When you join the team you will have exclusive rights to join the COOP that delivers actual, engaged, and active members to your business. I am proud to work with this team and look forward to continued success. I want you to experience the same success as I have.

Please take a look at my page to learn more about this great opportunity.

You will notice the website - this is another great part of the system. The 10 dollar system offered by Franklin is used as your domain name. This links to the COOP and the team and builds your down line. The commissions will grow greater and greater, month after month.

You do not want to miss this opportunity - Please give this a look, after all...You owe it to yourself to be a part of a team that actually delivers results.

Please visit My site Now>>>><<<<

This article was published on 05.03.2016 by John Green
Member comments:

Dean Hart You bet John and congratulations on your efforts and achievements. #kudos  6 years ago
John Green Yes Dean Hart. All thanks to the team I joined. Any of my recruiting efforts is just icing on the cake!  6 years ago
Dean Hart 10 Years to an over-nite success right? I can understand totally where you're coming from and YES, your advertising is working - great article John - DH  6 years ago

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