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Kyani was formed in 2005. It manufactures health and wellness supplements which are sold through direct retailing and a network of registered distributors. It is therefore involved in Multi-level marketing whereby affiliates or distributors make money in two ways.

They either sell Kyani products to consumers at a profit or earn commissions after converting customers into distributors. The company’s products seems to have been well received by consumers. Either because they are very helpful or people are sorely driven by the opportunity to make money through recruiting of distributors.

Kyani is a product based multi-level marketing (MLM) program. It is therefore not an outright pyramid scheme since it sells ‘real products‘ to its affiliates and consumers. Pyramid schemes do not sell ‘real products’ to ‘real customers’. 



Kyäni Triangle of Health


Defend, repair, and maintain every cell in your body.


Our Story

Kyäni began with remarkable founding families who, from humble beginnings, achieved enormous success through hard work and innovation. The Hansens have taken their small family business and have expanded into many successful arenas including real estate development, convenience stores, hotels, and more. Similarly, the Taylor family transformed three acres and a horse into one of the largest potato farming and cattle operations in Idaho. Today they use cutting-edge technology to enhance and expand their businesses.

The Founding Families were first introduced to the remarkable power of two relatively unknown Superfoods - Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. The Hansens and Taylors were impressed by the potency and extraordinary health benefits of these nutrients. As a result, they founded Kyäni to provide nutritional wellness to millions around the world. Today, Kyäni combines the world’s most powerful Superfoods to create the most compelling nutritional supplements in the industry and the opportunity to "Experience More

The CEO of Kyani is Michael Breshears, a veteran of several network marketing businesses. Like the ingredients section you’ll read about in just a bit, details are few and far between here. Other exec bios at Kyani read the same way: generic, vague, fluffy and bland…except for James Porter the Chief Information Officer, whose experience is actually mentioned by name (IT for all of Asia at Nu Skin Enterprises).

Strangely, although the company is based in Idaho, the executive team all have some sort of connection with the state of Utah. For the life of me I have yet to figure out the undeniable connection between MLM and Utah.

The Products

Products: there are three:

Kyani Sunrise (featuring blueberries)

Kyani Sunset (featuring salmon)

Kyani NItro X-treme (featuring noni)

Together, they form the Kyani Triangle of Heatlh. What it all boils down to is vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants…all of which have plenty of scientific study to back up their effectiveness at keeping people healthy. Heck, people have been taking vitamins for many decades.

Kyani has devised what they’ve dubbed The Kyani Health Triangle. Essentially what the means is a unique collection of ingredients that they purport to make you healthier in several ways. 

To become a distributor you’ll need to buy a package. They have a $599 Business Builder package, and a $1299  option. There’s also a $299 builder pack 

This article was published on 27.05.2016 by Jack O Dewart
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