Do your choices effect my outcome?

I assure you that you read that correctly and yes that is the question I have to ask. I can answer that very simply, no. I can explain..................

I WORK MY TAIL OFF AND YOUR DECISIONS CANNOT MANIPULATE THAT.............................. LOL............

Now that I got your attention Yes I am a real person, not an auto posted social site message or some spammer. I seen this site and see the potential in it and that is why I am here to give this a try.

This is an announcement that I don't make too often but I am working with people locally in my business. I have expanded this to my social media sites and now we are here. You can start your journey for free or become a paid brand promoter or just a customer. To be honest with you to me it doesn't matter what YOUR choice is as it will not effect my personal outcomes.

I was a customer for 2 years just for the products and I am brand committed. I know a lot of people on this site are trying to show me what they got and that is great but if I already feel I got the best why would I search or sign up with something else?

I first joined for the 8 week experience and found that I liked the products a lot. I wake up every day and within about 10 minutes or so I am done with taking products for the day. 1, 2, 3 just like that. I find that I work straight through my days without an energy issue and I love the lifestyle.

I don't have to embellish things with this company because they are a 100% testimonial built company. Some folks try a product at a time but most will sign up as a customer, look into how they get their products for free and if they themselves wanted to promote to make ends meet I help them to my fullest.

There are many bonuses that are involved with Le-Vel and before signing up or considering it you may want to look into them as most are on a timer but they are VERY LUCRATIVE, please feel to reach out if by chance you don't understand something about them.

I am a NO nonsense type of person and I get straight to the point. I only want to work with people who want to be helped. I don't want to entertain "know it all" type of people because I myself don't know it all. I expend an olive branch and if you stroll past this like you didn't read it, that will NOT effect my outcome..............................

Thanks for the time,


This article was published on 16.09.2016 by Jon Scherling
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