How I Personally Use Web Development To Make Money Online

I laugh hysterically now when I realize how hard marketers got okey-doked for the last thirty years while the Web Development set went on frequent-flier miles vacations at their expense (lol!). All I heard in the early days of cutting teeth on HTML/CSS was, "You don't need to learn HTML/CSS! You don't need to be web-literate!". Yeh? Well how in the world are you supposed to fix layout flaws or template design breakages, or overcome just terrible coding from the outset? I distinctly remember thinking that it'd suck to have to keep that assy-looking background image of the template creator and their pet, "Muffin".

There's a reason they were told this; it created work for the IM Gurus' developer (thus keeping mediocre practitioners paid), and there'd never be any competition from anyone who wasn't able to navigate codebases. I always wanted to know how to do this from the start, having seen people get rooked into paying $500 for a $0.00 freeware script template to be had online easily by anyone bothering to look for it. I'd known since the Late Seventies (when I got on the Internet) that this was all I was ever going to want to do, so I prepared myself while practicing (second-nature) marketing gigs netting me nice paydays.

Now that I look back on it, this was one of the best ideas I've had this Lifetime as I was able to ride out both moving from the U.S. to Canada AND the year-long Pandemic health crisis (PROFITABLY). Currently putting together a Social Marketing Classified Adboard, I'm struck by the resistance most have to learning the rules that govern the process (as my father used to constantly spout). I wanted to be able to do anything I wanted, and at a moments' notice without having to wait for a pain-in-the-ass web developer. Once I found out the "Dirty Little Secret" extant in the 'developer community' (that 90% of them get their help and/or tutoring from Stack Overflow, lol!), I was off to the races. I shake my head knowing that most marketers will never even take the necessary steps to become self-reliant.

Without going through the rigorous self-training used to teach myself multiple coding languages, there'd be no way I could even imagine being able to not only setup a script that I didn't write, but also to write add-ons and other code widgetry that make the web application perform as I want it to. Being able to "read" code allows me to Make Money Online by being able to create custom-coded sites that let me do anything I wantas well as profit from the users that eventually bankroll that code creation.

This article was published on 03.10.2021 by Lee Davis
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