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While the health and wellness industry is growing fast. IMMUNOTEC has always been in a class of its own. For almost twenty years, Immunotec has helped people achieve their dreams by providing an outstanding earning opportunity. Whether they are dreams of maintaining good health or dreams of achieving financial success, Immunotec has the winning formula. Immunotec has changed lives and lifestyles of many people. 

Alzheimer's Testimonial:

"My name is June Martin (Distributor #090501), wife of John Martin who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1998. At that time he was forgetful but we still had a very normal life. By 1999 he had to stop driving and mid-2000 needed to be watched. In July 2002 he was admitted to VA Nursing Home. Went in walking with a slight unsteadiness, talking and was continent. In Sept. 2003 he was no longer able to walk and was incontinent. By November 2003 he had pretty much been silent for 7 or 8 months. He wouldn't open his eyes, couldn't sit up in wheelchair, didn't talk (just grunted) and drooled constantly. Started the Immunocal in October 2003, two packets a day and in December I increased his dosage to four. Started seeing much improvement. He started sitting up straight, opened his eyes more and started talking again. In June 2004 he went to therapy and was peddling from his wheelchair, walking with the help of a machine and with no machine the aides held his arms and he walked with them for quite some distance, talking up a "Storm" while doing so. He said" I'm going to walk home" He is ‘THE STAR’ of the Nursing Home and the Drs., Nurses and Aides are my best customers. Especially the aides on double shifts with the Xtra Sharp. THEY LOVE IT!!!! I have very recently purchased a used handicap van with a ramp so I can bring him home, take him to the Mall and to the beach where we can walk the boardwalk. It really stimulates him being out as he some times asks me if he'll ever “get out of here". John is a "backseat" drives though!! When we got home one day he said, "When you get a little bit older you'll drive better"! I'm 71 years young and he is a very young 85 and looks great! Other than Alzheimer's John is a very healthy man. Think he thought of me as one of our kids. I could go on and on. It's a miracle!!! All 21 residents that were in the Alzheimer's Ward when John went in, have passed away and he has been upgraded (out of that ward) and has gotten much better. God Bless you all at Immunotec. I'm a two time cancer survivor so needless to say I’m taking Immunocal also. I had two mastectomies. One in 1987 and the other in 1997, My sister had one in 1952 and is still alive at 80!! My mom died at 85 of breast cancer. My Dad had lung cancer in 1949. They took out lung and he lived another 15 years. A brother died of brain tumor after surgery at age 36 in 1963. Another brother died of bone cancer at age 47 in 1977. My only brother left is in a Nursing Home in MA. because of Alzheimer's. Very healthy though otherwise. As soon as I make enough money as Distributor will send him Immunocal too. SO YOU CAN SEE HOW IMPORTANT IMMUNOCAL IS TO MY FAMILY!! Thank you! Thank you. Happy Holidays!! June Martin ALL the BEST Jim Hawley, Immunotec Independent Distributor".

 And here is another testimonial, I've got through my friend and sponsor:

"Hi Avaleen, 

David and i feel very good on the Immunocal product, taking one sachet a day in the morning with milk. We have been on the Immunocal Platinum for just over two weeks. Obviously having cancer three years ago had left its toll on my health and immune system. I had been feeling a lot of discomfort in my knees when walking and after three days of using Immunocal they stopped hurting which was obviously down to the product, it was helping to reduce the inflammation in my knees. I was also shuffling my feet when walking which had concerned me and now after two weeks i don't do that anymore, now i stride along. I have had more energy and feel more flexible so i can garden for longer and last week i was in the garden weeding for about two hours which i couldn't do before which was amazing!!!!! David is feeling more energized and in balance which is good for him. I wanted to give you this testimonial because we are feeling so good on the product and it's really helping me to recover and get stronger. 
Thank you Avaleen for your support. 

Much love, Terri xxx " 

I am so happy that I've found this opportunity! - Imagine: being healthy myself, helping others to maintain their health - and get financial rewards for doing that!
This article was published on 26.11.2015 by Eugenia Serewko
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