Flavon Newsletter 1.

Dear Colleagues,

I am introducing Flavon to this esteemed community here. If you are not interested in laboratory certified top quality healthcare products then I am afraid this article is not for you.

If however you are, please give up some time to check my site below:


As for the product you can see we are talking about a range of healthcare products. In nutshell their advantage lies at the revolutionary technology Flavon use to extract the ingredients from the fruits and vegetables. At its simplest explanation vitamins and minerals are absorbed a lot more efficiently from their original environment (e.g. vitamins are better absorbed from fruits and vegetables than from tablets or capsules). With the technology used here Flavon make sure the consistency of their products is closest to the intracellular material in the human body making the absorption as efficient as possible whilst the substance is closest to that of real fruits and vegetables - considering all the healthcare products currently available on the market. Relevant certificates issued by Brunswick Laboratories are available by clicking on the below link:


As for the business this is a family run company that was established in 2004 and is still under the same management. Flavon is currently successful on the Eastern European markets - particularly in Hungary and  Poland. Now we are expanding and started recruiting members in Western European countries including UK. While great local successes are being achieved more frequently all over Europe, USA and Australia already, we are still relatively new to the international market with many countries and even continents undiscovered still - thinking of Africa and South America. The 65% total payback from the base price (60% basic + 5% leadership bonus) is at least very competitive if not a benchmark. Freedom, flexibility, online accessibility, training programs, free luxury holidays and announcements for performance and many many more are the factors to also put in consideration.

If you have experience in distributing quality healthcare products then it is an advantage but the option is open to anyone who wants to join the scheme. The current record holders in achieving the top management level for example are from Scandinavia where they started distributing the product in a well established network that previously dealt with an exhausted product. If you are in a similar position then you might want to consider this opportunity seriously.  Please contact me for further information.

Best Regards,


This article was published on 14.08.2016 by Ferenc György Papp
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