How To Create Business Announcements On MLM Gateway That Get You Leads


How many business announcements do you write every time you get on MLM Gateway?

How many of them have gotten you leads?

Or better yet, how many have got you signups?

For me, I get leads on almost every one of them, and even signups on some of the better ones.

So today, I will give you my formula to creating business announcements on MLM Gateway that get you leads.

The Title

First and foremost, the title is the key.

When you create a title, the title must say to your reader the benefit they will get when they read the announcement.

If there is no benefit to the reader, why would they even open it up?

There must be a reason for your reader to even want to stop in their busy day to read your announcement.

Make the title a benefit to the reader, and explain what they will get from the announcement when they read it.

If you make it about what you want them to do, then they will skip over you and go to the next.

Bust It Up

As you see in this business announcement, I write short sentences, and bust it up in pieces.

Each piece is a topic in the relation to the title.

Why do I do this?

As you see it's easy for you to read, and you move quickly over it.

If I write in large paragraphs, it takes too much time to read.

Make it super easy, and fast reading for the reader to get the point.

Doing this will make sure they read more of the announcement and skip less of it.

Solve A Problem

One thing to help get more from business announcements, is to solve someone's problem.

Think of an issue someone may have, and provide the solution.

In this announcement, I am solving the problem of getting no results from announcements.

So as you see, it got your attention.

Add Videos

Didn't think you could add a video?

There is a way to do so, and they help bring the business announcement to life.

Look below at the bottom and see I added a video, and I will show you how in the video so you can do the same.


Add Links To The Bottom

If you want to get leads from your business announcement, of course you first need a capture page.

No capture page, no leads.

If you do not have a capture page for lead generation, make it a priority to get one now.

Once you have one, you can link to it from the bottom of the business announcement.

Using a P.S line is best, as it stands out the most.

Anchor text works to, but be sure you add it only if you are describing the offer or tool you link to (more in the video)

NOTE: Keep the link congruent with the topic of the announcement, with P.S lines they do not have to be congruent as much. See my P.S line for details.

Bump It Back Up 

If your announcement shows good signs of engagement, then bump it back once it runs out.

If it did good once, it will do good again.

Here is an announcement that had got me 2 signups onto my team, and several leads.

Also, it is congruent with what I mentioned above. So it works as an anchor text.

Create Subtitles

As you see throughout this announcement, I have each detail busted up in subtitles.

This works as it explains what each little piece is about.

If there is a piece you find not interesting, you can skip it and get to one that catches your eye.

This helps to speed up the read, and give the reader what they want.

It also helps with "busting it up" as mentioned above.

Use detailed subtitles like you see in this announcement.

Add Pics

Want to make it pretty?

Add some pics.

If you are looking to get better SEO rankings with your MLM Gateway business announcement, then learn to add pics along with videos.

Adding pics will help SEO rankings, and bring a little life to the announcement itself.

If you ever get an announcement that ranks on any of the search engines, your traffic will increase organically and you will see more referrals.


Promote Your Business Announcements

Getting more traffic to any announcement is a good idea.

Put a post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Let people on other platforms know of your business announcement, and it will lead to more leads indirectly.

Also, you will see referrals come from doing this as well.

More traffic, more leads. More traffic, better SEO rankings.

Brand It

One other really useful tip, is to brand your business announcements.

As you see, at the top of every announcement, I include a logo image.

Adding an image that brands you to every business announcement, thumbnail, and piece of content you create is a good way to get leads and most of all, signups.

Those who have branded themselves, see better results as time goes by.


Did This Help?

If you got value from this MLM Gateway business announcement, then please leave a comment below.

Let me know your thoughts, and let me know if this helped.

Also, be sure to send me a connection request so we can continue sharing value with one another.

P.S Want capture pages for leads, and automation for getting new team members? It's all here, and you can take a quick, short, free tour to see it work in action before making a decision.

This article was published on 03.10.2018 by Jaye Carden
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