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Introducing Grandpa Crypto

Hi I am a 78 year old Grandfather who should not be doing this type of thing. But I have  my TWO WHY's.

In the past I have missed many opportunities in life that have come my way but I have ignored them or dismissed them as rubbish. I don't have regrets though as I have had an amazing life and have retired to live here in a lovely home with my wife Val who has Parkinsons Diease so I have to care for her all day every day and  the 25th April 2021 was our 57 Wedding Anniversary, I feel blessed that we have a wonderful marraige, a lovely circle of friends and a wonderful family including our Son, our Daughter and three wonderful Grandchildren. They are my 1st WHY

Just a couple of years ago I became interested in The Blockchain and  I realise that this was an opportunity that was not to be missed because I missed out on Bitcoin back 9 years ago dismissing it as a load of gobbledegook.

I started to learn more and more about Crypto, the the other aspects of the Blockchain and  I learnt that it is going to be part of the future and I believe in time even bigger than the internet 

I dabbled in investing a small sum that I could afford in various schemes and buying and selling  Bitcoin and various Coins and tokens but at my age I found this very stressful and I lost some money on bad decisions.

But not to be deterred I kept looking  because for once in my life, I did not want to miss this opportunity and then I discoverd a business that required members, once a member you would be rewarded by the company for using their services on the blockchain at three times your membership fee even as a passive member. Yes 0.5% rewards everyday without any monthly fees becoming three times my membership in sixhundred days. This really made me sit up and take notice.

So I watched some presentations and did a great deal of Due diligence and discovered that the group backing this amazing business were the biggest Crypto Whales on the planet. For the first time in this industry here was a Company that had huge wealth that wanted to use relationship marketing to build an arm of their business that would have customers that  want to and be able to be educated in The Blockchain and use their exchanges, coins, and other parts such as Hyper Mall and Hyper Bank and Hyper Pay. 

Here was a multi-Billion operation that I could become part of and be rewarded every day for the honour.

So back to my “No 1 Why”  I joined Hyperfund.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a Son, Daughter and three grandchildren, I am not a wealthy guy and when I leave this  world I have nothing much to leave them and up to a few weeks ago that was a huge regret and something that was worrying me more and more through the Covid Pandemic as who knows what is coming down the track towards you tomorrow.

But now with Hyperfund I have changed my life and their lives and looking forward to an amazing future.

 I showed them this short Video  Join The Hyperfund Community

And gave them the due diligence file to read, look at the videos and read all the back up documentation and get back to me. After a few day’s my Daughter was first, then my Son and then the two girls, finally my Grandson.

They all decided to join Hyperfund without any “selling” from me so now it is up to them, they all joined with a $300.00 package which was what they could all afford to lose if it all went wrong and at the moment are totally passive and I am happy that I have arranged for them an amazing pension

That’s OK with me no worries because they will rebuy every time they earn $50.00 so as they are still young all my family will, by  using the power of compounding be millionaires in four to five years. That is my Legacy and my first reason WHY I joined the Hyperfund Community.

I am sharing this wonderful opportunity far and wide with anyone and everyone that is prepared to listen so that I can also accomplish my second “Why”

By building a community I will earn a great deal of rewards and I will be able to pay towards research in discovering a cure for Parkinsons the really terrible disease that my wonderful wife suffers from.

By building a Hyperfund Community I will be helping others to get rich and I will also be able to afford to pay towards Parkinsons UK Research and my wife also a member of Hyperfund I hope will live long enough to see her Hyperfund rewards going to help people like her that have suffered so much from this horrible diesese.

I hope you reach out to join Hyperfund with me and you can also look forward to a secure financial future for yourself and your family and help you achieve you dreams as I am achieving mine, I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me on  or text on 07973982086

This article was published on 27.04.2021 by Grandpa Crypto
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