Be Proactive

As a marketer it is your responsibility to be PROACTIVE.

It is very important as a business owner to be proactive in your business. Instead of waiting for thing to happen you make it happen. In learning to be an entrepreneur if you are not being proactive if you are not pushing yourself forward then you are moving backward by default. You have to be continuously proactive and if you are not doing that then you are doing yourself and business a disservice.

Starting an online business or any business is challenging and can be overwhelming. When you are new to a business opportunity and you are trying to figure things out you can get confused and feel like you don’t have a clue what you are doing…it can be stressful.

But you can’t just sit around and expect everything to be ironed out by a mentor or someone else to tell you what you should be doing. You can’t just do nothing!!! Every action has a reaction and if your action is sit and wait then you will be waiting for an eternity. Tony Robins says “action always beats inaction”.

Some person in being proactive may be using the incorrect method like spamming people. It may not be the best action but it’s better than doing nothing at all. One way to being proactive is to go through the training that is provided for you in your back office and start implementing them. You may or may not understand everything that you are learning but take your time and go over them. Take notes, it a learning process that requires action. You may make some mistakes but that’s how you make progress and learn and grow.

Don’t wait for someone to come and hold your hand tell you what to do. Because you already know what is to be get on it right away. Be Proactive, that’s when you will begin to see changes and start getting results. Take Action. Work effectively throughout the day to get as much work as possible done. You can preschedule your active for a whole week or a month. Doing things in advance is working smart.

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This article was published on 16.06.2016 by Karris Williams
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