First United Games demo video now publicly available! Countdown to launch...

So, if you're read any of my previous business announcements here on MLM Gateway, you'll know that the Utah based software company is developing a free global, social and interactive sports app.

The app launches in October, and the the will be indefinitely pausing their affiliate program to new affiliates a week or so before the app's launch.

Why will they be closing the affiliate program? Well, they have received far more interest in their affiliate program than they anticipated, and currently have over 200,000 affiliates. They only need 50,000 downloads to snag a "featured app" spots in the app stores. If only half their affiliates (and pre-registered players) download the app on launch day, they'll automatically hit the featured app requirement out of the ball park (pun intended). This would also break the launch download record recently set by Pokemon Go.

They may reopen the program again if they wish to push in new markets. However, considering their affiliates are in over 190 countries, there's not guarantee this will ever happen.

However, they promise to inform currently active affiliates of the exact pause of the affiliate program, which is likely to be a week or two before the app launches. This means you probably have around 3 or 4 weeks left to join what might become a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you're wondering how you could make money from sharing a free app, here's a clever explanation from one the team members:

Joe doesn't like selling stuff.
Joe loves sports though.
Joe shares a free app with 10 friends.
Joe's 10 friends do the same (100).
Joe's 100 new friends do the same (1,000).
Joe's 1,000 friends do the same (10,000).

Joe's 10,000 new friends buy/earn $5 a week in tokens.
Joe's 10,000 new friends buy/earn $200k tokens a month.

Joe gets 10% of $200k every month.
Joe now earns $240k yearly.
Joe just shared an app with 10 friends.

Joe doesn't like selling stuff.
Joe loves sports even more. 

Joe is happy.
Joe is looking to share more.

Be Joe.

If you'd like to find out what this app will look like and how it will work, you can now watch the video of the first publicly available United Games app demo

Until the app launches, you can only register with United Games by invitation only. If you are interested in become an affiliate, or would like to pre-register as a player (it's free), then contact me  or the person who sent you here, for your personal access code to the United Games website.

This article was published on 07.09.2016 by Wendy Obuli
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