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How To Get Your Recruits to Duplicate and Happily Expand Your business for you

You worked very hard to get people to see and then join your business so you're excited.  The hard part is done.  Now you're gonna be rich and make residual income for the rest of your life..  If only that was true.

The reality is once they join with you the work has just began.  But I'm going to show you a fool-proof way to get your recruits to happily duplicate you and expand the business for you without you constantly coaxing them.

The best way to get your recruits to duplicate you and happily go build the business is to give them a duplicatable system they can just plug into and run with. Once they know that when they join, they can use the same system you used to bring people in, they will answer the annoying questions that everyone one has - How the heck am I going to get anyone to join this thing?  

When people see that you have a system, they will know they have a shot at "making this work".  So by all means,  use it as a selling point for them to join with YOU.   Sure, they may love the product or service but if they can't sell it, loving it alot won't win them much customers if any.   And keep in mind they  might not want to go threw the growing  pains of self-development to become the networker that you are, so don't leave them hanging thinking they will tough it out like you did.

So the most important thing you can do right now to increase your MLM checks and keep it getting fatter and fatter is to think about how YOU can create a system for  your team to follow.  I know your upline didn't do it for you but now is the time to do it so you can reap the rewards and be that networker on the beach while your team is making you money.

Here's some tips to do this.

  1. Create a website sales page that explains the business.  Create one for yourself and then create a training video to show our prospect how you created that site.  Offer to give them all the step by step instructional videos when they join so they can just get up and started quickly.  (note: you do not have to do anything crazy here.  Just create a simple blog, go to youtube pick some great videos of your company that explains the business well, put some testimonial videos on the blog too and just put a bio of you and why you joined the company and that is great.  People hate the flashy hypey stuff so this will work better and build better trust with ordinary people you are trying to connect with.
  2. Create a rotator for your team and offer to put them in your rotator to help them get business.  This again can be free.  A rotator is simply a system where you put all the members link in like a bucket and everytime someone clicks the link it shows a members join link.  There are many free rotator  software online, just do a search for one.
  3. Offer to get them traffic to their site.   This one is easy and it compliments the other suggestions above. This offer will give your recruits a strong incentive to duplicate your website system if you created a tutorial to show them how to set it up.  Tell them to send you the link to their website (that they created using your tutorials) and you will send free traffic to there site.  Again this can be done for free, all you would need to do is using a rotator you would just a rotate the traffic between the members you want to send traffic.  So when you do your marketing,  all you do is advertise your rotator link and the traffic will go evenly to whoever you want it to go to.

This is just a few examples to get you started.  The important thing is to start doing something that you can show your team step by step to do that takes the pressure off your newbies and put them in charge of their system.  They will work a system but they may not be too happy to go re-create themselves into a "networker".  So give them something they can do.  Think of it as giving them the job of driving the car, instead of making them go find a car.

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This article was published on 28.08.2015 by Kays Retiring
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Alonzo Brown Excellent article Kay! This provides very good insight on what's needed to get you downline having success. Thanks and keep sharing your knowledge. Alonzo Brown  8 years ago

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