Really Simple System: Does This Automatic Downline Builder Cure Traffic Woes?

If you’re having a hard time generating traffic from banner exchanges, safelists, and traffic exchanges, let me let you in on a little “secret”...

Really Simple System Automatic Downline Builder

You need a lot of credits in order to get your ads seen when you use these kind of marketing methods. You can either click for credits, which is really time consuming, or you can do what people in the “know” are doing and that is getting referrals.

Now you may be thinking, How do I get referrals? Well, if you listen to the owners of these traffic exchanges, they tell you to use their promotional pages in order to get referrals for that one program.

This can work - only if you’re in one program. You see, most people (and you may be included in that) are using multiple safelists, list builders, and traffic exchanges. 

If you solely promote only one of these programs you’re leaving the others out. And that means less referrals for you, and in turn less credits and less traffic to your programs. This just isn’t a winning solution, now is it?

You really have only two good solutions:

1. Build your list 

2. Use a Downline builder

Build Your List 

When you go this route you’re able to promote all your different traffic programs to list as much as you want. The only thing required for this to work is an autoresponder service and lead capture form.

Downline Builder

For people who aren’t using an autoresponder service, this is the next best option because everything is done for you. Most downline builders have a lot of the most popular safelists, list builders added to its builder so you can build your referrals literally on autopilot.

Although there are quite a few downline builders out in the marketplace, most of them, if not all, do not include banner exchanges, nor do they have a way for you to list your primary “money” program - until Really Simple System came along.

Why Really Simple System Can Get You More Traffic and Multiple Paychecks

Really Simple System is quite a different downline builder than what you’ve probably been seeing, 

In addition to have some of the popular traffic exchanges, list builders, included in its builder, it also has banner exchanges as well. This can give you many more ways to get traffic to your programs. 

In fact, a lot of these banner exchanges are “set it and forget it”, which means that once you set it up once, you’ll continue to get traffic to your banners on autopilot.

You do like autopilot traffic don’t ya?

To even make this automatic downline builder even sweeter, the creator of this system has not only found a way to let you add your primary business programs to this builder, but also has a found a way where you can earn a secondary income stream from those that join Really Simple System from your link.

This packs a one-two punch that puts this downline builder in your corner spitting traffic and checks on your behalf.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

If you’re into list builders, traffic and banner exchanges, and safelists - and you’re looking to get more referrals and credits and ultimately more traffic, you’ll want to check out the Really Simple System automatic downline builder…

FYI: This program is only $1 buck to join (yep a one-time fee). Not sure how long this will stay this low, but if you’re serious about getting more traffic, you’ll want to join today.

This article was published on 13.10.2016 by Corrisa Malone
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