It's a Revolution - Customized Nutrition

Have you ever walked into your local vitamin shop, starred at the shelf, not knowing what to buy? Although you may have walked in for a particular reason, that doesn't mean you know what to purchase. True? That's where IDLife comes in. With 17 years of research, we have designed IDNutrition.

IDNutrition is a nutritional movement seeking to address the distinct nutritional gaps and limitations through customized nutrition, rather than a one-size-fits-all multivitamin. IDNutrition by design begins with a free health assessment, which has over 5,400 algorithms embedded in the questionnaire. It is designed based on 1.5 million combinations of ingredients that block vitamins that could be harmful or cause an interaction, and suggest supplements that match an individual's unique needs.  For questionnaire, CLICK HERE and take your FREE assessment. 

The program, back by science, has over 7,500 third-party, validated facts from peer-reviewed Ph.D. studies. In designing a person's supplemental regimen, it takes into consideration their “Individually Designed” needs based on their lifestyle, diet, activity levels, family medical history, existing medical conditions (diagnosed or otherwise) and use of both over-the-counter and prescription medications.

IDLife doesn’t just offer nutritional supplements, but rather a nutritional program that is individualized to the consumer based on their needs and goals. To help meet specific needs, we offer three 28-Day Transformation Challenges: Weight Loss Challenge; Fit Challenge; and Performance Challenge. We also offer a host of other products such as, Protein Shakes, to include Vegan Protein Shakes, Energy Drinks, Energy Shots, Energy Chews, Appetite Control Chews, Lean, Hydrate Drinks, Sleep Strips, His Bar, Her Bar, Kid’s Line, which includes Nutrition, Proteins Shake, Protein Bars, and Skin Care Line.

All of our products are derived from natural and organic sources, plus gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO and made only with natural sweeteners, without artificial colors or flavors.

Our Scientific Medical Advisory board is there in an avuncular capacity to ensure that the underlying science and the products built on that science are held to the highest standards of nutritional science of any company.

We believe there is no cost when it comes to your health, it’s an investment. Customized nutrition is going to be a revolution….people are going to look back a few years from now, and wonder how they ever took supplements that were not customized to them.

The IDLife (Individually Designed Life) opportunity is a vehicle that has given us more time together as a family and enabled us to earn residual income over time. The IDLife business model makes it easy for people to start making extra income quickly. Commissions are earned almost immediately as your customers buy the products and continue to roll in month after month as people work to build their business. The company provides many ways to profit from the power of the IDLife products – in fact, there are 15 ways to earn income. 

So join our team and become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!  CLICK HERE to learn more about the opportunity.
This article was published on 02.05.2016 by Tina Mitchell
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