Smart Follow Up Tool For Smart Phone Users

Our company, SendOutCards, has created a smart phone app that allows efficient follow up for anyone with clients and customers.  This app sends physical cards and gifts in the USPS mail everywhere in the world that there is a mailbox.  Users may choose cards that are already in the system or create one on the spot with the app, so it is easy to create a thank you card on the spot with a client, e.g., realtor takes photo of new homeowner in front of new home, and sends the card and a gift or gift card to the homeowner.  Or a salesperson takes a photo of buyer in front of their new car, creates a card, and sends a thank you card and gift.

The contact manager keeps addresses, phone, spouse, children, follow up notes, birthdays, anniversaries, groups, and sends email reminders.  Users can also create campaigns to send numerous cards and postcards throughout the year.  A campaign can be sent to one recipient or thousands within minutes.  In mlm, you could have campaigns to send to new customers, new distributors, congratulations for various rank advancements, party invitations, or other occasions.

Users never touch the actual items.  Cards are created and gifts chosen, then person clicks "submit" and the card and/or gift is on its way.  Our company has food gifts, pet gifts, baby gifts, wedding and anniversary gifts--hundreds to choose from.

Users may purchase one card at a time for $1.98 plus postage.  However, most people have monthly subscriptions to pay less for each card. Also available are bundles with features such as handwriting font, signature, and card back personalization, so that a company or individual can personalize the back of the card  with a logo/branding, and no card company name or price appears on the back.  This is a great way to put your mlm name and branding on the back of the card so YOU are featured, not SendOutCards.

This business and our app are touching lives in unique and meaningful ways.  A card in the mail is rare, and ours are usually extremely personalized so they are kept.  Unlike social media, a physical card can be a gamechanger in a busy world with mailboxes full of bills and junk mail.  They also cost less than a store, and do not involve personal licking of envelopes or putting on stamps, so we keep the USPS busy, but not by standing in lines. Our company makes staying in touch and following up very simple, and most people agree that the fortune is in the follow up.

You can easily create an account and start sending cards and gifts at  You can also watch videos and tutorials there from a phone or computer to get more information 24/7/365.  You may be a customer anywhere in the world.  To be a distributor, you must be in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, UK, or New Zealand.

This article was published on 16.12.2016 by Joy Kennel
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