Explanation of the three (3) different Packages of vCard Global

vCard Affiliate

Explanation of the three (3) different Packages of vCard Global

There are three kind of vCards: Free vCard, Pro vCard and Affiliate vCard. 

Free vCard

The user of a Free vCard can place name, phone number, name of the company, e-mail, a picture, logo of the company, everybod can call and email only with a click.

vCard Affiliate

PRO vCard

The price is $99, includes 2 vCards (you have 2 portfolios, or 2 businesses). 

vCard Affiliate

In the image below we can appreciate the differences regarding the features:

vCard Affiliate

Affiliate vCard

The Affiliate vCard includes 3 vCards and it brings you in position to make money, so the Affiliate Commission Program.

There are some people who will opt for taking the Free vCard, in order to try it out, until they realize they need a PRO vCard or maybe the Affiliate vCard.

If you decide to get the Affiliate vCard you will make money from  every purchase made under you, and under all the people under you or under any person in your organization.

An average person after is using the free vCard for some days, he/she will upgrade to a PRO vCard or even better the Affiliate vCard, why?  Because he/she realizes it works, but he can't add social media, more pictures, more links, videos, listings, a hosting (because the vCard is a website itself), add ons..etc, etc... that person will say: "I am loosing all these benefits for only $124 just one time per year"....then he/she upgrade...

When copier machines came out at 60's, one the first brands was Xerox, so since them Xerox is used as a VERB, we say: "I'm going to xerox theses documents", "Please, could you xerox this picture of me?". Then, happened with the term "e-mail", now it's a VERB: "my friend Hillary email me this morning", "I'm going to email this memo to everybody at the office". The same happened with Facebook, Youtube.......this new concept virtual business card..vCard..will be so famous...and it will be used as a VERB..." I will vCard you, you can see my resume  there", "Please, would you mind to vCard me, I want to see what is the plate of the day in your restaurant?".

So, we are starting with this new concept, new technology of virtual business cards, for now you can use your complete name as name of your vCard: "JohnDoe.123look.com", in the future when vCard be a VERB, you won't find your name available.....it's like domains in Godaddy...think about it!!!


                                           Luis Castillo
Network Marketing Consultant


This article was published on 02.09.2016 by Luis Castillo
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