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As the world economies wilt under the pressures of fluctuating fuel prices, Britain voting to leave the European Union, military jostling between world powers, wheat being harvested for bio fuel instead of for basic foods for the masses, and in our most recent memory the sub-prime mortgage debacle in the Unites States of America, holding a brick and mortar job has become increasingly more difficult.

Layoffs and job cuts are the order of the day in most countries as governments grapple with the situation, where citizens take to the streets like what’s happening in Brazil and Venezuela. These are the times when a work from home entrepreneur excels. Working from home is fast becoming the profession of choice for most professionals and newbies alike because of its flexibility of work hours, low startup cost and tax benefits among others.

Demonstrating for their Jobs

It is much better to work from home and peddle your skills or talent by way of being contracted to do same other than to apply for a regular 9 - 5 “mill to the grind job”. The internet has transformed the world into a small global village and it’s up to us to make the most of it whether we sell products or offer services, to work from the comfort of your home is the way to go.

Home based businesses are creating more millionaires per year than never before so one can see why it’s such a lucrative earning alternative for most. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work from home as there are avenues online that can guide you in the correct path whether you currently have a business in mind, on paper or you need to be introduced to this paradigm shift from scratch.

I am involved with a company I was introduced to by my sister, you see I am over-weight (to put it modest but I hate that “O” word) and needed to shed a ton of weight to be 100% healthy again. I have started taking the products and in 2 weeks I have lost almost 20 pounds and literally feel my energy oozing back into my body.


Though I am extremely elated about my results it’s the prospect of being an Independent Business Owner for that Company that excites me with their fabulous 5 ways to earn compensation plan, which I will elaborate on in a succeeding business announcement.

Be advised that the internet is rapidly becoming the commercial platform of choice by people worldwide so you must position yourself in front of this mega transfer of wealth from the traditional brick and mortar business to eCommerce represented by online entrepreneurs

Melford Woolery is a Work From Home Mentor living on the small Caribbean Island of Jamaica. He enjoys reading and writing articles on topics including MLM and Network marketing Industry. http://www.ibourl.net/apsencebusinesscentre

This article was published on 11.09.2016 by Melford Woolery
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