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EPA-registered Product Boosts Fuel Economy

Just about everyone who drives just about anything is looking for lower fuel prices. Maybe the only thing better than lower fuel prices is getting more miles out of the same dollars.

That's where the MPG X-caps and Trucker Crumbs come in. Proven safe for any combustion engine, these products increase fuel mileage by 12% to 20%. If gasoline or diesel is $3 per gallon, and you get 20 mpg now, you would be paying $18 to get 120 miles. With the X-caps, you can drive the same 120 miles for only $15 at the same price per gallon.

If a trucker drives 45,000 per year, at 8.5 miles per gallon, paying $3.29 per gallon of diesel fuel, that trucker would pay about $17,418 per year. With the Trucker Crumbs, that driver would, at a 10% boost in fuel economy, pay about $15,834. At a 20% boost, the total spent on fuel is about $14,444.

What's more is that the X-Caps and the Trucker Crumbs both reduce pollution emissions, both are EPA-registered, both are time-proven for over 3 decades.

If diesel averages $4 per gallon and a trucker drives 90,000 per year, the savings with the Trucker Crumbs, at a 20% mpg boost, would be about $7,200.

Savings abound for motorhomes, campers, farm equipment, motorcycles, and just about anything with a combustion engine - gasoline or diesel.

This is great news for the majority of Americans. Someone who runs a fleet of dump trucks or professional-grade pickups, bulldozers, backhoes, limousines, yachts, motor boats, moving vans, et cetera, can save a very significant amount of money with the X-caps or Trucker Crumbs.

Currently, both products are approved, and selling, in Canada, the United States, and South Africa.

The product acts in three ways: 1) in catalyzes the fuel – diesel or gasoline – to burn more completely; 2) it helps eliminate pollutants and other debris within the fuel tank, line, and through to the actual combustion of the fuel; 3) it helps to clean the fuel injectors. The end result is more miles per gallon, less pollution, more power, and, according to some people, a smoother-running engine.

Racecar drivers, delivery services, livery services, and soccer moms and dads all over the country are saving money and feeling a little better about the environment – all due to a time-tested, EPA-registered easy-to-use product.

Many people who use the product also become distributors. So, they not only buy the product and a far lower price, they can also earn some money when the share the great new!

To buy the product, learn more about it, or to become a preferred distributor, visit:

This article was published on 02.02.2023 by Vincent E. Martinelli, Jr.
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