Do you or anyone you know drink tea or COFFEE occasionally?- TRY THIS!


Any Coffee or Tea lovers in the building ??. 

If so, have you ever tried the best Coffee and Tea in the world!?


You probably saw me say HEALTHY didn't you ? Well the truth always sounds strange so let me breakdown what makes this Coffee and Tea healthier. All of our ORGANO products are infused with GANODERMA LUCIDUM, AKA 'THE KING OF HERBS'. So let me share the key components of this powerful superfood:

Important components of Ganoderma

Organic Germanium (Ge): Can increase the oxygen absorbed by the blood up to 1.5 times: can promote metabolism: prevent tissue degeneration. According to the research of Dr Kazuhiko Asai, Ganoderma contains 800 - 2000 p.p.m. of germanium. This is 4-6 times more than ginseng.

Polysaccharides: These can improve the body’s immune system, eliminate viruses. Japanese pharmaceutical companies have refined it to medical quality and it has been approved by the Koseisho Health Department in Japan for insurance medicine.

Its bitter taste. It is under constant study by the Japanese medical and pharmaceutical fields. The efficacy is a result of the interrelation of germanium and polysaccharides. Some plants may contain one or the other, but Ganoderma is much more effective. The combination of components is different from other plants and all of the components must be preserved to insure efficiency.


Medical Principles of Ganoderma:


According to Dr Shigeru Yuji’s clinical experiments, the reason Ganoderma is effective is because of its basic functions.

Lowers cholesterol in the blood and the amount of free fat.

Reduces blood sugar level; to restore pancreas functions.

Lowers blood lipids and stabilizes red cell membrane.

Due to Ganoderma containing Adenosine, it can lower platelet angulation, and lyses thrombi and prevent thrombogenesis.

Improves the function of the cortex of the adrenal glands to maintain endocrine balance.

Elevates the natural healing ability of the body, allows the body to establish a strong immune system.

Prevents tissue cell degeneration.

MPrevents senility, maintaining a youthful constitution.

Lowers the side effects of antihypertensive drugs.

Prevents organ degeneration.

Prevents allergy caused by antigens, because it inhibits the histamine releasing mast cell.

Prevents and treats cancer and inhibits cancer cell metastasis.

Normalizes to prevent tissue degeneration.

Prevents sudden death of cancer patients caused by embolism.

Inhibits thrombogenesis and lyses thrombi on the wall of surrounding tissues and removes blockade of cancer medication, increases these drugs’ effectiveness.

Relieves pain caused by cancer.

Is it really true that Ganoderma is the savoir of modem diseases and is a ‘Universal Medicine’ for all diseases?

By Yukio Naoi of Kyoto University Foodstuff Scientific Institute


Is Ganoderma really a universal medicine?"Let’s not talk about the diseases prevalent in history, but of modern diseases. In order to find the answer we have investigated its functions over and over again for thirteen years. Satisfactory results have been obtained.


The first issue is whether Ganoderma can be effective on all kinds of diseases. Our reply is ‘Yes’, because it is able to maintain the health of the modern person. For an unhealthy person, Ganoderma can affect the most feeble parts of his body. To a patient, it can root out the source of the sickness and allow recovery.


Ganoderma can change an imbalanced body to a healthy one. There is no difference among human races, ancient or modern people. Ganoderma has an effect on all. The same people all over the world will obtain the same results.


If the patient’s constitution conforms to Ganoderma, it is as if a patient drug is achieving its highest effects. In fact, we have not found any person who obtained negative effects or inefficient results.

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Supporting your health and quality of life!,

Devann Edwards

This article was published on 29.08.2016 by Devann Edwards
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