Follow These Steps To Sponsor 3 People Or More In A Week For Your Business


Can there be steps to follow that will get you 3 new signups in just one week?

To be honest, 3 signups in one week is not that impressive, but how many people would change their situations and business growth with just 3?

Or better yet, how many more could you signup if you had 3 people every week coming in, almost guaranteed? 

Now you can, if you follow these steps, and take them seriously, week after week.

Put The Tool In Place First

First thing you need to do, is have the tools and follow up system ready to go before doing the promoting work.

Here is a list of the types of tools you need, to make this plan work:

  • Automated Follow Up: You must have a follow up series of emails that go out once a day for at least 30 days. If you have an autoresponder, you can take a day or two to create the emails.
  • A Binary Commissions Pay Plan - This will only work with a binary commission pay plan. If you do not have one, or only have uni-level, you leave off the incentive to your prospects in your follow up.
  • High Demand Product - You must have a product that a lot of people want. Having average Joe products will hurt the effect of this approach, but even with a low demand product, you could get some results from time to time. The higher the demand of the product, the better this works.
Do you have these 3 things, or can you create or find them?

If not, you can have them all together, done for you. Just TAKE THIS FREE TOUR and not only see how well the tools and services will work for you, but see the picture of how you can create success with the plan below.

What To Know Upfront

I am in a company where the system and follow ups, are done for me. I don't have to worry about getting those out.

I also have the binary plan, but what makes it most powerful, is that each week I have a deadline for customers and affiliates, to get better spots in the team. Meaning, when I get one person signed up in the week, the other 2 usually come in close together. 3 a week is the normal, it can get higher with the simple steps below, and can be even lower some weeks.

But, it's important to know, that using the system my company has, increase everyone's chances of getting signups from doing simple steps.

Consider taking the free tour using the link in this business announcement to see why it's working so well, and why it will work for you.

If you can follow the steps below, you can have success here.

Craigslist Ads

This part is super simple to do. But it really helps to make the 3 signups each week possible.

By running just 2 or 3 ads a week, you will be able to begin building your list.

I have a super high demand product, so opt-ins are at a high rate. 

You must use a landing page, and if anyone sends their resume to you, redirect them to the landing page without telling them anything more than the ad.

We have a template for just our team, so we get the highest amount of people onto our email follow up system. 

The average results for us and our follow up system is:

  • 1 ad = 30 leads
  • 3 ads = 90 leads
  • 40 leads = 1 affiliate
  • Average of 2 affiliates a month
Increase ads, increase that number (average person begins affording the above amount)

(we have 1 affiliate every 2 weeks)

Genealogy Leads

We also have our team a way to have genealogy leads for life, without buying them.

This step can be worked by all affiliates, and with a simple , you can turn the types of affiliates who can also promote well.

These are the types of leads that get you duplicating affiliates.

Here are the numbers for an average person:

100 leads a week (3 hours time = 10 opt-ins)

10 opt-ins = 1 affiliate

We now have 1 affiliate a week, and 2 every other week

(increase this number to 200, 300, 400, or even 500 a week, it gets better. Average person can do 100 a week most of the time).

Our Online System Brings More

By getting the 1  affiliate every week, and 2 every other week through your efforts of online ads and genealogy leads, the last 6 affiliates are mostly coming in through the online system.

From the 6 a month you are working hard to signup, the system will notify the others of their affiliation, and when you have been doing this a couple months, you have hundreds or maybe thousands of people getting notified of their joining.

The other people who do not join, are offered a spot above those who have that week, if they also get in before the deadline.

This will assure those from the system, that they start off with an affiliate placing volume into their business.

This is where the magic begins happening, since not only do they get notified of my personal sponsored, but also everyone else in the line and on that team.

Time Creates More And More

From just the 2 steps above (not counting social media, content creation, prospecting in person, telling friends etc) you begin to build a huge list of people who have at least a small interest in our product line and system.

I am seeing some affiliates come in after sitting on the system and getting emailed up to four months.

So as you see, the more you keep hammering away at the system, adding more ads, more genealogy leads, more everything, you begin to see even more than just 3 a week.

If you use the money made from your sells and commissions, it can only speed it up and create more.

Nothing is more easy to follow, and simple to build then the company I am involved with at this moment. It is by far the most duplicating one yet.

Bottom Line

Can you do those 2 simple steps above?

Work genealogy leads and run a few ads on craigslist.

If so, you will build an organization, that you will be blown away with.

If you DO NOT have the tools you need, then you must build or buy them somewhere.

But if you want the easy way, just look into our new company and system, you will not regret it.

So once again, can you follow those 2 simple approaches?

If so, take the free tour below, and you will see just how many others will do so, and why our affiliates are exploding each week.

P.S Take the free tour here, and remember that it only takes a few ads a month on craigslist, and contacting a 100 people a month using genealogy leads. It is all you need to see success, and it will grow faster and faster as more join you, and you increase your efforts on just two strategies.

This article was published on 21.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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