Rejuvenate with Crystal Cell (Triple Stem Cell) from PhytoScience

PhytoScience is a product we signed up for without even paying for it ourselves! I sold four packets of their flagship product Crystal Cell because we saw how it impacted the lives of our friends as well as people in the community to the point we COULD NOT stop talking about it! 

Check out some of the information here:

Crystal Cell

Before going into anything related to the compensation plan I want to focus on the impact it has had on our lives as a family first & foremost:

We were introduced to the product by friends who we have known for 7 years. The first noticeable aspect of this product was that it helped my friend no longer need to wear glasses as it helped her body rejuvenate her eyes. 

The concept is based on stem cell research using plant-based stem cells to replace lost stem cells in our bodies. Stem cells have the ability to change into ANY cell in our body. Based on this our brain distributes the stem cells consumed in Crystal Cell to the parts of your body that require help/rejuvenation. I have never been someone that is into natural remedies and such because Ive always felt like they had no real effect on me. 

We noticed a change in our friend's lives - they were happier, seemed healthier and honestly, they just looked like they were LOVING life.

We made the call to sign up, but made the choice that we would sell the product to sign up first. based off of the sale of 4 packets we were able to sign up as Silver members and start experiencing the benefits right away.

Currently my Father is using Crystal Cell and other products  from PhytoScience to battle Diabeties, Heart & Blood circulation issues, Eyesite and is winning the battle.

Whether your interest is Health, or Wealth or any other ideal that is out there for people. PhytoScience products accommodate your needs. We are the TrendMaker!

The compensation plan is more than acceptable and allows you to earn a REAL income while helping others learn & grow in your downline. There are 2 vertical legs that open you up to opportunity of earning from your downline, as well as 10 horizontal levels down(Platinum Members) 3 for Silver members to stack people under your people to help them grow and earn a living too!

Finally, a short testimony of a friend who used to earn R5000 per month prior to PhytoScience, she is now a 6 figure Network Marketer and has broken company records.

I in no way ever want the products I believe in to be seen as "salesy" but I do want people to see the value that I see and hear the experience we have had as a family as well as individuals with this beautiful range of products!

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This article was published on 14.05.2021 by Devon Lange
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PhytoScience - Crystal Cell, 175 USD to join

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