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Fitz Spencer T/A Azure Lifestyle Marketing Independent Business Partners in the homebased business industry

The Rise & Rise of Homebased Business sector

When looking for a home-based business model it pays to do your own due diligence getting the correct information that fits in with your commitment’s and ethics.

May I thank you in advance for taking time out to look at what we believe a game changer within the homebased business opportunity market.

But first…. Per-Forbes enterprise magazine 2016

• £94 billion was raised through homebased business, which is slightly under 6% of the total value of British businesses and that’s those who have registered and put their returns in.

• 1 in 2 new business are homebased (whether trade sector or direct selling) So, it’s vital that within the homebased industry to take stock upon what’s on offer and most of all the true implications of the outcome if you take your chosen business seriously, 3.5 million UK individuals work from home in a business capacity “myself included” Considerations when looking at home opportunity’s

• Market sector niche , longevity , innivative

• Expertise within the management / owners /sponsor’s

• Operational practices and ethics

• Products: do you like them will you use them and are they needed? • Back up and distribution, back office support

• Compensation plan: easy to follow and achievable as this is one of the reasons why we all work so hard.

• Financial status of the company “are they a stable and a viable company"

I’m privileged in saying we tick all the above and more So,

we make no bones that we are looking for career focused individuals looking to help, spearhead and lead a company that has really set this home business market alive and by viewing the full information here followed by, hooking up on Skype / Phone / Face to face you get the full picture if this business fits in with you.

Question? If you know what you know about these following companies that at the time of launch experts said is risky or will not work. Would you have invested?

Fitbit:2013 from wooden box to a $4billion dollar company and growing

Facebook: 2004 they said it wouldn’t catch on, $17.5billion dollar and rising.

Reggae- Reggae sauce company: from a dream to net worth £35million pounds

“Sometimes is about timing and belief -Sitting on the fence really is not an option.

Introducing the words first in wearable technology The Company & Key Geographical areas: UK, Europe, USA, Asia, India, Australia and South Africa

We represent one of the most innovative growing technological companies into days’ market place, that has just launched a revolutionary product that will change the whole wearable technology market and relight the home business market.

• The founder was the inventor who brought the first touch-screen computer to the market,

• It’s a NASTEQ listed company

• A, AAA home business company

• Assisted projects with a $50 billion-dollar company (Toshiba)

• 15 worldwide office’s • Operates in 195 countries • Estimated target $2billion company for 2020.

• A product that monitors your health (including blood glucose level)

• More about the product click on video 2017 is expecting a double-digit growth in the 195 countries we operate in, so attracting the right individual is vital.

Our business community have helped many individuals from different backgrounds to transfer their own skill sets to our industry and that’s because they have the right attitude to embrace change. “This is a revolutionary game changer”

Truly a major opportunity for those individuals who are willing to turn 2017 into their most inspiring and career rewarding year yet! It will not be an easy task but the rewards will be residual.

Earning Potential, Rewards and Support

This opportunity holds no cap on your earnings, however hard work and commitment applies.

We work on a 2 to 5-year plan with the following expectations when fully engaging on the team strategy plan:

• Year 1 -2 £25k-£35K plus

• Year 2-3 £35- £100k plus

•Year 3-5 £150k plus

• And of course, like any company there are exceptions to the rule and a hand full setting this industry alight with their current earnings well above expectations.

Investment: Free to register (Azurelife)

Customer Product packs $400 - $1500

Key Rewards / Benefits

Build a long-term passive income

Work with an international team of individuals that invest in you

An opportunity to work from home for yourself but not by yourself

The opportunity to build your career throughout Europe and the rest of the 195 countries we operate in

Travel Incentives

Car bonus

Access to the first World's First Wearable, Non-Invasive, Continuous, Blood Glucose Monitor (out in quarter 3 or 4 of this year)

Personal Development

We are part of an international homebased business community with key individual’s bringing their skill sets to one table. Training/ Support / Advice by 6 figure earners in this industry whether online / Skype / Zoom/ or face to face we are here to help the community thrive.

The strategy behind our business is and always will be focused on our people; with personal development taking key priority, so we understand every individual has his or her own pace of taking on a new skill set, so you set your own pace in regards to how far you wish to take this opportunity and how much you earn.

About my Partner and I (Zoe) - in Brief!

I would like to say we are season pros within the home business market, drive fast cars and traveling the world paid by the company. however, that wouldn’t be ethical at all. As clear upfront expectations are our first point of call when introducing ourselves.

My background has been in catering working up and down the UK with some fond times abroad. Setting up business of my own with a successful gastro pub then moving into wine importer. Success has not always followed us as like many other entrepreneurs, under the ice-berg lots of hard work and commitment is required

I was exposed to the home business industry some 6 years ago, and boy has it been an eye opener upon what can be achieved if applying the correct mindset of treating your business as a business. Although I live in a great part of the UK / Devon, in an amazing home and a partner to die for, there’s one thing missing “Balance” however, month by month it gets closer and closer.

Being part of Ucan2 business community is just empowering which has enabled us to take a back seat on one or two business commitments as our key focus is this amazing life changing opportunity. An opportunity that must be seen in full.

So, where are you currently, Career, Lifestyle, Health, Relationship

May I ask you to think about three Questions?

What’s your personal mission for the next 12-24-60 months?

What inspires you & why?

Have you got the correct career/ business vehicle to get you there? - If not this could ignite the passion within to take that first step of financial freedom

Our aim is to inform so if you are ready to find out more without any obligation on our amazing business community and business opportunity register your details by the “emailing us ” all we ask in regards is your constructive and honest feedback.

This article was published on 22.10.2016 by Fitz Spencer
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