Do you have a dream destination that you have always been craving for, but your limiting factors were time, money or both money and time. Your now in the right place, this opportunity will leave you with no excuses at all but to always travel like you have even imagined.

Our company is called Worldventures located in texas with Wayne Nugent as the founder.He wanted people all around the world the opportunity to reach their dream destinstions with out limit. He want to give people a chance to travel with there loved ones with money and time being the limiting factor.

Today allow me to talk about the different membership levels in our company and how you benefit from them:

1. Dreamtrips Gold; this is the first membership level and it takes 149.99 dollars


               1. Independent travel- book travel that is not a dreamtrip

               2. Daily travel Deals- you get access to travel deals on the daily basis for members only

               3. Voluntours- are a person who loves to give back to the community, when your a member with as you get to have tours for volunteering.

                 4. Travel insurance- when you are to travel consider peace of mind that covers trip cancellation, lost baggage and other real life situations that can interrupt a trip.

                 5. The Dreamtrips difference- are you a person who wants to be welcomed when you visit someone. some trips have welcome reception on arrival.

             6. Price Pledage- if a member finds a lower price on a flight, hotel or Dreamtrip that he/she had booked through on same day of the booking, your money will be refunded and you will be taken for that trip for free.

                   7. Personal Booking website: when your are a member with us, you get customised website that provides all members with travel, shopping, dinning and entertainment discounts.

                      8. Dreamtrips local- you earn points as you dine out with the partner restaurants. these points helps you reduce on the prices for travel.

2. Platinum membership; this is the upgrade from Gold membership. At only 274 dollars

the rest of the benefits remain the same except that for platinum members they get a 7- day advance booking, meaning that they get to see dreamtrips 7 days before Gold members can access them

They have travel advisors 24/7

3.Titanium Membership: this is the upgrade from Platinum Membership at only 999.99 dollars. This is the highest membership in our company. Members here get access to;

 private Yachts, Private jets

 Global visa services

Preferential hotel rates

10 day advance booking access before any other members on the other memberships

Personal concierge that knows you and your preferences.

You may ask yourself why should i become a dreamtrip member?

If you have ever wanted to experience the world beyond your imagination and backyard, you should definitely consider a Dreamtrips memberships membership. when you become a member, you will realise that this is so much more than just travel. it is discovery of the unknown, you experience more of the things that you have just been seeing in the pictures but you will also discover the person you are. therefore get ready for unforgettable moments with your family, friends and worldventures friends as well.

This article was published on 26.09.2019 by Nakitto Faith
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