Guys I just felt to share this with the house. And please read it with lots of patience

Assume u work in a cooperate firm say bank and you are paid #100,000 a

month, d pay is pretty good but let me surprise u. I will base my calculation on

6day in a week and we have 4 weeks in a month. So first let's calculate d

number of days in a month. 6*4=24

100,000/24=#4,167 approximately.

Which means for every day of d six days, u earn #4,167

Beautiful....Now let's assume u work for minimum of 8hrs a day. 4,166.67/


Wow! That means u earn 520 naira and 83 kobo for every hour u put to work.

Plus all d shout ur boss will shout, plus all your energy and skill u put in to

ensure you help the organization achieve its goals and u are paid #520 for every


Hmmmmm. i reserve my comment!!!

Now let's assume u decide to do same with HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL,.

At least 8hrs everyday for 6 days in a week let find out what u stand to gain.

If you make a target of talking to at least 30 person everyday and of every 3,

you get 1 person which means u will get 10 person every day I.e 30/3=10

And for every 1 person, u get $8,


So for every day, u get $80 now let convert to naira :



So u get 13,200 for working for 8hrs a day

So let's find out what u get for 1hr of your work 13,200/8=#1,650 for 1hr

Am sure u are already boiling but wait let's find out what u get in a month:


Am sure by know you know which side you belong. I have not talked about

what u stand to gain as u progress from one stage to another.

It's time for you to decide for yourself which part to follow. Thanks



 After teaching for over 5 yrs, I can't even buy a 504.....

With H2i if I'm focused, within a year I'll be rewarded with a laptop of my

choice + money to install apps, a Dubai trip + money to buy duty free goodies,

brand new motor + pocket money to fuel and pimp am!!!

Think twice!!!


Another leading American with Helping Hands


H2I now in partnership with Lenovo laptop computer company.

You're to choose Lenovo or HP to be delivered to you.

Lenovo has H2i programmed in the system and also inscribed at the back.

While HP has h2i in inscribed at the back.

We are getting stronger and more advanced. Helping hands international


If Helping Hands International is a scam, these companies will not sell their

integrity and partner/sponsor the organisation.


To travel to Dubai, one of the world's finest

nations, you must have between N200,000 and N300,000 (visa & ticket).

Helping Hands International does it FREE OF


Hotel Accommodation and a Shopping token!

Another strong reason why you must join

Helping Hands International TODAY...



* H2i is legally registered in Nigeria.

...Here is Helping Hands International CAC number: Rc1242747.

*No buying and selling.

…how easy can that be?

*Membership with H2i is just N6600.

...both artisans and professionals can afford it.

*H2i has more tools for marketing.

*The H2i system operates in dollars, and in fixed rate. …fluctuations in

exchange rate doesn't affect it.

*The H2i compensation plan is very attractive (20% referral bonus.. and two

other ways to earn are matrix bonus and matching bonus)

*H2i payment system is automated and not human calculator,

*H2i system pays instantly and not monthly

*There's No complicated rules in H2i like "you must buy products every month"

or deadline for

referring someone, etc.

*An average person will rather buy fruits than buy foreign food supplement

which are often expensive.

*H2i helps the less privileged in the society through members.

…In stage 2, you recommend 2 persons for free skill acquisition,

…In stage 3, you recommend two for financial empowerment and

…In stage 4, you recommend a motherless

babies home for empowerment so you see the money doesn't go to a foreign

pharmaceutical organisation but to indigenous countries who use this network.

*H2i involves team work and an opportunity to build your leadership and

business skills.


H2i business is a rebranded Network marketing business and it's here to stay.

It is a 21st century profession that has helped people to combine it with their


In H2i, you can make it without renting of shop. You can organise/attend

seminars whenever you chose to.

…H2i centers are everywhere in different towns and cities in Nigeria and outside


In H2i, no LG council tax, no importation duties is a business of relationships.

Guidance and mentorship is guaranteed.

Join us today...

Meeeeehn this business over make sense.......

my great people follow me rejoice


As I was about my business yesterday another account of mine jejeli stepped

into stage 3 earning a total of $1000 plus HP laptop.

As if that was not enough, one of my son's account followed suit early hours of

this morning majestically stepped into stage 3 accumulating a

total of $1000 and a HP laptop as well.

Now the beauty of it is in the ripple effect it had on my other accounts. Sharp

sharp my main account earned $300, Charlesonline1 earned $300 because that

account got balanced in stage 3. My wife's account earned matching bonus

because her boy's account dropped into stage 3.

Multiple accounts Rocks joor!!!!

If you're still thinking of joining, now is the time.

If you have only one account and you can afford to add more but you're scared,

sorry to say you are standing on a looooong thing!!!!!!

Am a proud H2i Ambassador.



Helping Hands rewards members in various ways.

1. You are paid #REFERRAL BONUS when you introduce H2i empowerment

opportunities to others and invite them to join.

You earn $8 (N1,320) for each person you refer.

If you referred 20 people for instance, you can calculate how much referral

bonus you are going to earn.


2. You are paid #MATRIX BONUS as you grow in stages of membership. The

following are Matrix bonuses you earn at each level and stage with JUST ONE


$10 (N1650) for stage1

$100 (N16,500) for Stg2 Level2

$200 (N33,000) for Stg2 Level3

$300 (N49,500) for Stg2 Level4

$400 (N66,000) for Stg2 Level5

…Total of $1000 (N165,000) for Stage2

…Total of $3000 (N495,000) for Stage3

…Total of $6,000 (N99,0000) for Stage4

…Total of $12,000 (N1.98m) for Stage5

You can calculate how much matrix bonuses you stand to earn if you have

more than 1 account with H2i.


3. You're paid # MATCHING BONUS when any of your referrals completes a

stage. The following are matching bonuses at each stage

Stage2 = 10% of $1,000 = $100

Stage3 = 5% of $3,000 = $150

Stage4 = 5% of $6,000 = $300

Stage5 = 5% of $12000 = $600

You can calculate how much matching bonus you'll earn if you have multiple

referrals who completes each of these stages


4. You given award by corporate partners when you complete a stage.

…Stage2: Hp Laptop or Apple iPad

…Stage3: Hyundai Elantra, or Hyundai ix25 SUV or GAC motors.

…Stage4: Hyundai ix35 or GAC motors


5. You enjoy H2i SERVICES at each stage:

…Stage1: Free Skills & Trade trainings put together by a team of partners at

various locations.

…Stage3: Asset/Property Support loan Services

…Stage3: Humanitarian Service; Empowerment Fund of $2,000 (N330,000) for 2

less privileged people of your choice. N165,000 for each person.

Stage3: Advance Skills /Trade acquisition services on request... fully sponsored

by H2i.

…Stage4: Humanitarian Service; Empowerment fund for your visit to orphanage

or disabled home.

…Stage 4: Financial Empowerment Services; Access to business/project loan up

to $44,000 (N7.2m) on request.

…Stage5: Scholarship Award Services; you receive education fund for 6 people

(2 children, 2 from church/mosque and 2 from community)


6. You're given OTHER INCENTIVES when you complete certain levels or stage

such as.

…Stage3 Level3 : Free International Holiday Trip to places like Dubai

**More incentives at stage 4 and Stage 5.


This joke is intended to make you laugh...

Junior is in Primary 2 pupil at The Bells Primary school.

Junior sights one H2i Booklet on Teachers desk and runs towards his teacher in

plain honest amazement.

Junior::: ( very excited. So excited teacher is stunned):: Auntyyyyyy heyyyyyy

my Daddy has Helping Hands car

Aunty: Sharap there, i'll flog your silly head! What do you know about Helping


Junior!:: (ghen ghen, like father like son) Aunty, Helping Hands is an

international NGO that takes ample care of the less privileged. There are 5

stages when you join. My daddy said my username is Junior222 but I won't tell

you my password.

I am in my dad's 3rd stage as first down line which means I am about to get

my own car. My daddy said he wants me to get the car before my


Junior is laughing in plain childish honesty,

Aunty:: (faints in spririt and in truth) hears her name like a thousand kilometers

away another teacher ( Aunty's intended sponsor)

Chima:: the other Teacher:: Hope nothing, i've been shouting your name since

Aunty:: nothing: how much did you say i'll use to join Helping hands?

Chima: How many times will I tell you it's N6,600

Aunty: pls give me form, I want to join, Chima: surprised! Thought you said you

didn't have money and H2i is a scam

Aunty: so I thought, junior ran down here to say his dad has the H2i car. And

he's getting his own too before his mum

Junior: (smiles and suddenly becomes even more handsome in their eyes) we

qualified for the all

expense paid trip to Johanessburg:

Both teachers faint in spirit and in

It's a new world! Equal opportunities for all, both young and all. Schooling and

Education has nothing to do with success any more.

Renew your mind! Gbam!

That wasn't a joke but a reality...



You can start this season on a high note with great potentials to create

amazing wealth!

The real question however is, What do I stand to loose by donating my N6600

to Helping Hands International?


*Have you lost N6600 or more before?

*Have you spent N6600 on something you can't even remember today?

*How many N6600 did you spend in the last 3 months that had no promise or

hope of anything in return?


By making a one time donation of N6,600 qualifies you as a Help partner with

the international NGO, Helping Hands International (H2i).

Meaning that the organization has to go through you to reach out to people

around you!

You grow to nominate two less privileged persons whom the NGO will empower

with $1000 each!

One motherless babies home (orphanage) will also be empowered on your


You will have the privilege of attending an Absolutely Free Trade and Skill

Acquisition. A variety of skills which will help Partners start a business of their

own are thought and certificate given at the end of the course.

By partaking in the business opportunity, you gain from the amazing

Compensation Plan. Earn cash in dollars and other incentives from corporate


You can buy any asset of your choice with just 30% down payment.

Access business grants to help start a new business or expand an existing one,

interest and collateral free!

Scholarship Award for your children or 2 less privileged children!

This is truly amazing!

N6600 can get you all these and many more!

That's the power of leverage!






1. Helping Hands International is an NGO that enables me to better d lives of

people positively with evidence. Every religion supports charity &

caring 4 d less privileged so I knew i was on track with H2i.

2. In H2i, you don’t buy or sell any product unlike other networking stuff.

3. Cheap entry amount. With just N6,600 donation you are on

board to earn tremendous incentives even as u touch lives.

4. You re to introduce ONLY TWO persons who also brings their own 2 each

and you are good to go. Some

accounts have earned BIG without introducing anybody.

5. In H2i u earn cash daily,weekly, monthly depends on you.

6. TEAMWORK: Unlike other MLM where uplines use downlines to climb and

then drop them. In H2i, you grow only when your team grows

7. Its online & can be done from anywhere there’s people & internet connection.

8. There’s no PV, monthly purchase, qualifying order or whatever name they

choose to it.

9. Other MLM’s place their juicy awards e.g car, holidays, etc at their level

stage 7 – 9 while H2i has ipad/laptop on Stage 2 plus $1,000, car at

stage 3 plus $3,000 etc

10. The best part is that with H2i, you can register as many times as possible

in your name.

How did u think Obitex was awarded 8 cars at once?

Hurry now! join this great charity NGO and help to transform lives around the


Ralph Waldo Emerson once said 'You can never know how much you can do except you try'

Mrs Estelle Gliteratti Effiom Desouza, A Multiple super master soon to become a minister of helping hands international

Right now she has 26 accounts in stage 3..... Do u know what dat means??

It means at least $26,000 of matrix bonus earned for those 26 accounts referral bonus not inclusive

It also means 26 laptops that is why she can afford to seat and eat on them....she can sell each for #100,000

It means 26 ix25 hyundai Jeeps soon when she finishes stage 3

It means 26 X $3000 soon when she finishes stage 3

Her feat looks impossible to achieve now , right?

The difference between you hugging tightly to your #6600 and her is actually very small- decision to start-that's all

She heard about h2i and started why u are busy solving all the probability, calculus and what ifs...

My advice to you is to keep solving and continue to watch others make money.



* Referral bonus: This is being paid instantly you register a partner. It is $8 on each person you referred.

* Matrix bonus: is paid each time you complete a stage or finish level. Matrix bonus is a stage completion bonus but split into levels so that you can be paid as you progresses within the stage not until you complete a stage. It is a powerful incentive

* Matching bonus: is paid when your direct downlines complete any stage but it start from stage 2

The good thing about H2i is that you qualified to continue receive Matrix & Matching bonus if you are not interested in bringing pple after your 2 pple as long your downlines are active. People registered by them count for you & push you forward but you need to compliment their effort especially when some of them are dormant for you to grow faster.

Hope you get it!! Enjoy PASSIVE income with H2i even while you SLEEP or grow OLD

Don't let the fear of losing be higher than the excitement of winning.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in intimidation.

Opportunities don't happen, rather you create them.

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.

Be Refreshed.

This is a new week, take action & get register today. You can't afford to miss PASSIVE income. The earlier you join, the earlier you grow

STAGE 1. Register with #6,600, get 2 people to register, you will earn earn #4,290 or #9,570 when you register 6 people ( You can register more people and earn more money cos you will earn #1,320 per person you registered).

STAGE 2: You earn #165,000 plus a brand new Apple ipad or HP laptop and GLO CUG line.

STAGE 3: You earn #495,000 plus brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA , You will be given #330,000 to empower 2 less privileged in your area, An all expense paid international trip, Acquire any skill you want to acquire for free.

STAGE 4: You earn #990,000, plus a BRAND NEW HYUNDAI IX35 JEEP, A motherless home will be empowered on your recommendation and on your behalf, Interest and collateral free loan of #1,980,000 on your request.

STAGE 5: You earn #1,980,000, plus housing support fund of #6,600,000, then educational support of #330,000 for 2 of your kids, Then you keep earning 1.6MILLION yearly.

These are the benefits you will get from H2i with just your one time donation of $40 (#6,600), no monthly renewal, no buying and selling of product. Join this moving train now.

Sounds interesting! Right? Stop doubting, confirm it now.


Q: What is H2i?

A: H2i is an international NGO that empowers and touch peoples lives especially the less privileged.


Q: How can I benefit from it?

A: Your registration money is a donation towards its humanitarian services. The network marketing aspect of it is to ensure the company does not lack funds for its charitable activities.

So as you help the company raise funds, the company blesses you back with bonuses for your efforts. You are paid a percentage of the money they generate as the network grows.

For every person you register, you are getting $8 instantly.

Q: What if I couldn't get people to register?

A: Of course  you wil get. If you are not interested in bringing people, your upline would be bringing people for the network and be earning the referral money by himself while you would only get compensation money as the level increases.

Q: Please how do one build the network ?

A: For every person you register, you are getting (earning)  $8. After registering your 2 persons, the company pays your $16; that is $8 each.

If you still want to register more person, you have to register them under your downlines. You will still get another $8 for registering someone under your downline.

Your downline are the people under you while upline are people above you.

Q: Okay, getting 2 persons  is the network?

A: Yes, Get 2 persons.  Teach them what you did, motivate them to also teach their downlines.

Your network keeps growing in that manner.

Q: OK. What if my 2 are lazy. Does it mean that the network will not grow?

A: Of course it wil grow, that is where ur upline comes in, because he will be bringing people to join, and If you don't bring any body again, you have laid a foundation for residual earning from stages 1-5, With only two persons.

Q: How much is the monthly salary?

A: Its not base on salary, its based on your efforts, and how ur netwrk grows.You are paid a percentage of the money they generate as the network grows daily.

Q: Ok. HOW do I register?

A: You register with a one-time membership fee of  $40 (#6,600).

Once you register in this NGO, You will be activated immediately with your own custom username and a dollar account called e-wallet, where all your earnings and bonuses will be paid into.

 The company does not accept Naira.  They deal with dollars $. I would use your money to buy the dollar equivalent into my dollar account then register you with it.  Everything is done online. You can monitor the growth of your network from the website.

Q: OK. Give me the company account number.

A: Account number? All transaction is online, Once you are registered, the dollar account is inside your H2i account, its an e-wallet account.

Q: So I will give you my money?

A: Yes,  you pay into my account and I do the registration for you online with the details you will send to me for your own registration.

Q: How would I register someone after you register me?

A: Once you are registered, you will have the dollar account and a username as a full member, then you have access to your account, so you'll follow the same procedure I did for you by buying dollar from another Partner and do the registrations.

[9:24AM, 6/24/2016] gloriousstar6: H2i is real & registered with CAC and Government is aware of its  existence & of our services.

We have reputable corporate bodies that are part of H2i Sponsors,and some incentives comes from them E.g

1. Hyundia Motors

2. GAC Motors

3. HP Company

4. Apple (i-pad company)

5. Glo Ltd. Etc

H2i CAC Reg. no is 1242747.

Feel free to carry out ur due diligence shld u choose to

Meanwhile, I have a question for you

This article was published on 30.06.2016 by Samuel Blessing
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