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What is a good night's sleep worth?

$5 $10 $100 $????

Depends on who you are and how much money money you make! Millionaire business owners would pay Thousands to have healthy restful night's sleep. A new mom might pay $20 to a baby sitter and another $100 on a hotel room.

BUT... what can anyone pay?

Who do you know that has trouble sleeping and staying asleep?

Do you?

I did... until last night.

When I'm in my business building mode, if I wake up in the middle of the night I am constantly turning business ideas over in my mind and I can't get back to sleep. I've noticed this recently as I have rolled out an exciting new business strategy. I'm in exceptionally good health but having an active mind has kept me exhausted when I'm working on a project that I'm passionate about.

BUT Last night was different...

Last night I woke up three times and I went back to sleep within a minute or less because I took a product that for the very first time, helped me get to sleep quickly, stay asleep and feel rested.

According to recent articles in numerous Publications, America is sleep deprived and it's affecting every our area of Our Lives.


  • Stress levels
  • Weight gain
  • Relationships
  • Work productivity
  • Even accidental deaths on our highways


  1. Consumers spent 41 billion dollars on Sleep Products in 2015 and it's projected to be closer to 52 billion in 2020
  2. August 2017 Forbes article states that America is sleep deprived
  3. In 2014 the CDC label sleep deprivation as a public health epidemic
  4. 40,000 accidents and 1550 deaths per year due to drowsy drivers

There are an array of things being sold that claim to make you sleep better:

From mattresses and pillows, to pills and apps that track your sleep and apps that help you fall asleep.

These are merely sleep hacks. Our bodies were designed to rest and rejuvenate because we are hardwired to do so by God.

So why are we not achieving restful sleep every night?

What If...

You had a product that would literally help someone get to sleep and stay asleep and feel rested after using it just one time?

How many people do you think would be willing to share their story with those they know and love?

What if you could hand it out or send it anywhere through an app to a sleep deprived friend or relative for less than $2 your cost and get a new customer the very next day?

Network marketing has always been a relationship business. Using funnels and SEO marketing strategies and tactics are very time-consuming, technically challenging and expensive and TOTALLY UNDUPLICATABLE!


That simple act of sharing converted that person into someone who's so excited that they'll become a distributor and a brand promoter on your team? That's the kind of product that was just introduced this week by my company. It is a solid Stable twenty-five-year-old Company in the network marketing industry. It has many other products that work so well we back them with an unconditional 180 day money back guarantee.

If you want to make big residual money that doesn't evaporate when the next hot thing comes along then you better have a product that creates excitement, results, and enthusiasm. Then you will need a product catalog that creates continual consumer loyalty. I've always had that with our core products.

Now I have a can't miss game changer with this new magic sleep support drink packet!

Otherwise you're just playing an unwinnable money game.

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This article was published on 10.10.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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