The Power of One

My MLM online marketing journey began many years ago. I am a grandmother whose "Why" in life is my Amazing grandson who calls me "Nana". I retired a few years ago. At that point I started looking for ways to make additional income online. After all a needs of a teenage skateboarder can become expensive. There are the special shoes, the skateboard contest, and the skateboards. I wanted to always have the means to support the activities of my grandson.

I am from the old schools of MLM.I started with Amway years ago but found that recruitment and retention of individuals is difficult. The Internet opened a whole new world for Multi-Level-Marketers. The whole world was now available to those of us who wanted to take the Internet by storm.

The obstacle was finding that one person who would join your program. Finding the one product that would change your life was a second obstacle. Finding the one involved a lot of searching and due diligence Finding the one also costs money.

The truth is that there really isn't a one product that will explode your earnings. There really isn't that one person that will make a difference. The reality is that special person and/or product is you. You are the power behind your success. You are the product that will make the difference between success and failure. The product that you choose becomes secondary when you discover that you need thousands of eyes on your website.

The traffic to your website is probably the most important component of your online success. I have researched, joined, implemented and rejected over 100 programs that promise hits, recruits or signup to a program. I choose one vendor who delivers what I need.

Simplicity is the key to success. The ability to explain your program in 25 words or less is important. The real question in the mind of your new recruit is what is in your program for them. Fortunately, the Internet has simplified the recruiting process. A new video or website can provide all the information that your new recruit needs to make a decision. In a small amount of time individuals can see your presentation and make a decision without any interference from you.

This time around, I needed a program that was simple, quick and lucrative. I needed a program that provides almost instant cash payments to my PayPal account that I could earn and spend when I desired. I found the program by accident. The program is called FunnyBiz. The program will make you laugh. The program provides instant gratification and provides a stable but long term income. Watch the Video; you will be amazed by the Power of One. That’s you.

This article was published on 18.08.2016 by Virginia Sanders
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