Your family and friends were Right, you'll never succeed!

I remember when I first started Web Wealth System, back in may, I was so excited, I had finally found something that looked promising, was not a scam, and was affordable only $27.00 one time cost to get started. 

I decided to share my new business opportunity with my family one Sunday after church. I stood up in front of my family and told them I had an announcement to make, that I had started a new business, that I was excited because of the huge income opportunity and I wanted them to be a part of something that could be a blessing to everyone. My wife looked at me and smiled and said I am proud of you babe, I know you will do well. My kids all grown, just hunched their shoulders like what ever, and then my Brother N Law, stood up and began to clap his hands while laughing at me, as the room went quite, in a very calm voice, told me, "you will never succeed" "because all those products are scams" and you are a sucker for believing. 

I stood there in embarrassment and pretty much speechless, I begin to doubt myself, I started thinking about maybe he was right, maybe I am a sucker for believing, but I had already started with Web Wealth System, already paid my $27.00, and had made 2 Fb posts earlier that morning on my time line about Web Wealth System. 

Later on that night, I was online looking at fishing pictures on FB, since I Love to fish, and while on Facebook, I received a Pm from a friend who had saw my post, she asked me why I had not returned her pm, and she was ready to get started, I thought to myself, ready to get started with what, I asked her, she said with Web Wealth System, she had already paid her $27.00. After getting her message I decided I needed to check into back office to see if she really had paid and joined, and I logged in and saw something that had me in shock, I had made 2 $27.00 sales and 5 CPL leads @ $1.00 each, total $59.00 from those 2 post, which more than covered my start up cost. I was excited, I began to promote my new business by sharing my results, helping people get started, and working with new members who had questions, I took so much joy in reading the testimonials on our FB group page from members who had made their first dollar online, and it took off from there, that next week I had made over $500.00 working this business about 1-2 hours per evening. 

My little $27.00 investment has paid for itself many times over, and now it has paid off for many of my family and friends.  

Oh and my Brother N Law, the one who said I would never succeed, saw one of my income post on FB, and decided to join me, last week he made $300.00 following my system, so he has had to eat his words....

Moral of this story, Never Give Up on your passion, no matter what others may say or think about you, as Entrepreneurs we are wired differently than other people, some people stride to retire and live on their pension, others stride to finish college and get a great paying job, Entrepreneurs stride to achieve our dream of financial freedom, to control our destiny, we would rather work 20 hours per day for ourselves than work 8 hours per day for someone else building their dream. Stay encouraged, and let No One Steal your Passion. 

This article was published on 13.06.2016 by Brian Davis
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