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What's Your WHY?

Hey fellow entrepreneurs, Frank Mayes here and I was wondering do you ever ask   

yourself the question of "What's Motivating Me?"   To expand on that question a

little bit, I mean what's driving you to keep plugging along in your online

business?  Is it just a little extra money? Or is it total financial independence? 

It was passed along to me about 10 years ago that I should take a "Personal   

Inventory" of myself every year.    In doing that, I would discover what my

"WHY" was.   As a matter of fact, I was asked by my upline sponsor at the time

point blank, "Frank what is your Why?   I'd never heard that question before.

My why?   Whaddya mean what is my why?

After this gentleman had "broke" it down to me, it made so much sense.  He said   

that everyone in network marketing should be able to answer what their why is

in an instant.   He said that's what will drive you when you go to one of your

buddies to share your exciting business opportunity with and they crucify you

so badly for being involved in MLM that you'll wanna quit.    Many well meaning

friends & family have driven that new network marketer right out of the

industry because that person's "WHY" wasn't there or ingrained in their brain.

The Internet has made it a lot easier to avoid creating elephant tusks (thick

skin) to lug around when marketing your business, because now you can build a

humongous downline and NEVER meet any one in person. 

Do you go out and look at things you want to possess some day?   I initially

had a big problem with that.  My sponsor called it, "Dream Building."  My

initial thought process on dream building was, it's a waste of my time.   Why in the

world would I want to torture myself and go out to the mall and look at things

I know I can't buy?    I thought how depressing.   But you know what?    I changed

my mind when a guy I knew was broker than me at the time, came into the

business and dream build his butt off every weekend. He soon rose to the

level of executive in our company.

Guess what I started doing? Exactly...DREAMBUILDING!

I found out that you don't necessarily have to go to the mall or store just to

dreambuild.  In developing your WHY, that's if you don't have one, you can

pick up magazines like the Robb Report or the Dupont Registry to read through.

I remember when I was first introduced to both magazines,  I thought I

would never actually buy either one.  Why?   Too pricey.   So I would venture out to Barnes &

Noble or Border's and make a beeline to the magazine racks just to browse

through those magazines. I would be there for hours. And when "my cup was

full" I would go home.   Now I have a subscription to both.

So this announcement was just a reminder. Although we don't have to face the

rejection up close and personal of people turning down our opportunity, thank god

for the Internet,  we still need that all important WHY to keep us marching on

towards whatever it is we're building our businesses for.

By the way, one of my Y's for 2017 is to build a small team of six-figure

earners with my primary business. The possibility of that happening is very

real and quite doable. One or two sales a month does it! 

Check it out ===> 

Till next time,


This article was published on 16.12.2016 by Frank F. Mayes
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