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Are you part of the Great Resignation? This Technology is - PLAN B for Better!

There’s a possible irony here. About 4.7 million people in America have voluntarily left their jobs in the last 22 months. I was one of them. Did you quit your job or career due to Covid issues or Government rules?

I will show you how you can help protect indoor spaces using exclusive space-age technology in your community, and in the process, you can create a business opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s a perfect storm for this one. Right now, many people are searching for home businesses, and the number of people searching is growing faster than ever before. We (and soon hopefully you) are distributors of a proven technology that reduces the SARS-CoV2 virus, allergens, and many other pathogens up to 99.98% in the air and on surfaces. This happens within minutes in the air and in only several hours on surfaces. We even offer a technology that requires no hot water or detergent to clean and sanitize laundry! 

In the history of home business, there has never been a time like this. What’s happening is part of the paradigm shift. From a recent survey of retail and office workers, fewer than 30 percent say they will fully return to pre-COVID activities.

Please think about this:

Awareness of Air Quality has increased: The pandemic has put the focus on protecting all indoor areas from harmful viruses and other irritating contaminants. 

Proven Technology: The core of our patented technology was created in the 1990s exclusively for the Space Station. It was proven to be very effective. The latest documented proof was released in December of 2020 showing the technology greatly reduces SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Here's an idea of how it works.

Timing: Now more than ever, families, schools, restaurants, places of worship, and more, need this technology. There could not be better timing for a solution to many issues, including contaminants, allergens, and of course, covid issues.

What about other purification systems? UV light requires the pathogen to hold its position directly under a UV light to inactivate the cell wall. That won't happen when air is circulating through a room filled with a virus or allergen. One would have breathed in the pathogen before it can be eliminated.  Hepa filters do not filter out all viral particles, and again, the pathogens have to find a purification system in order to filter anything at all.  

Our technology is airborne so as one walks into a room, the hydroxyls are already waiting to penetrate the cell walls of viruses as a person breathes them out of their mouth or nostrils. Plus, no other technology reduces pathogens on all exposed surfaces at 99.9% within hours.  This is the way to greatly reduce the spread.

Although those with sales or network marketing experience will be able to hit the ground running with this technology, you don’t need any unique experience to do this. There is no base, no ceilings, no quotas. You create your own goals at your own pace. You will need motivation and the ability to follow our proven pathway to success. Another reason to check this out: One main product sale provides the average monthly rental payment for an apartment in Texas. Imagine, if you build your own team, the success you can create.

This company offers free Basic Training, regular zooms focusing on training and sales strategies, several presentations per week where you can lead your prospects to for all the information they need to decide to join you, access to exceptional marketing systems that can send out marketing information automatically to potential clients and customers, and one of the most competitive compensation plans offered by any company. I will even cover one month of our exclusive Pro Training when you join and purchase a product package for sales. 

So many people, including high-level businesses people and established entrepreneurs, are joining our mission to stop the spread of viruses, bacteria, mold, and more. This opportunity may or may not be a good fit for you, but here’s your chance to join an upcoming zoom and find out

I am hoping to meet serious entrepreneurs and sales professionals in the US and in Canada interested in joining my team. Here is the link to my opt-in page where you can see more details.

I will contact you personally to get you connected to the next zoom!

To your health and to your path to wealth!

Blessings and strength!

Marina J.

This article was published on 01.02.2022 by Marina Jacobs
Author's business opportunity:

LGM Enterprises, LLC - Cancel Covid Technol, Free to join

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