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Hello let me introduce myself ,My name is Debra Mayhak I am from Washington State. I have been in the state all my life born and raised. I went to school and graduated 78. I worked for my parents in there machine shop for 19 years doing books or what ever was needed. Have been married , i have two beautiful adult children . I have had many entrepreneurial adventures , I have always worked for my self . some of them have been floral design,wedding cake baker, landscaper,hair stylist ,certified reflexologist, caregiver. So hard work isn't anything new to me . 

What brought me to being a affiliate with  Hempworxs. Is twenty years ago I fractured my back. It has caused lots of discomfort for me ,to the point of disability.  I am no longer able to do what I use to do .  Physically challenging work isn't on the table any more. 

Last year was quite challenging for me .I lost my job twice last year once in May when my client had taken a fall and was placed in a nursing home . I decided to try for my disability because , i had been working making to much to qualify. When I lost my job ,the time was right to try again for my disability . I was able to find a small job from May until  October . I had just go in the swing of things there and they closed the store. so out i was again . luckily my disability was going to kick in , in December. but that left the rest of October and November to get through. That is when I started with Hempworx as an affiliate.

For the past two years I have tried other CBD product, with out much results. But, as with anything education and knowledge ,comes results . My friend had purchased some Hempworx drops and wanted me to try them when I came up for a visit. I did not realize what a difference there was in products. The drops were smooth to the taste.no bite to your throat when you swallow. they were rapid in the discomfort settling down .  At this point I hadn't been to the website yet. I was already impressed . Then I took time to look around and see how much love and care they take for each batch .The amount of testing and making sure that the purity is there in each batch. it was organic, third party tested grown here in the United States in Kentucky. What drew me to the product to was how pure it was looks clear as glass when you draw it up in the dropper. they use the dark glass bottles to protect the product. now fillers only hemp oil , CBD oil and peppermint or cinnamon and that is it. 

For me it was a total no brainier, I wanted to be part of the new and up and coming company. I joined as soon as I could. In 2017 My Daily Choice and Hempworx  made 9 million dollars. In 2018 they made 100 million. I have know idea of what they will make this year .All I know is I jumped in head long and I am enjoying success with this company. This is the first MLM have made a dime with . I have been with other company's in the past and payed way more than the twenty dollars that it took to get started with My Daily Choice / Hempworx . 

This company wants you to succeed .they pay 8 different ways,they have massive training ,all the websites, anything you need from your back office is included in the one time $20 dollar one time fee  Plus one $69 dollar product when you become an affiliate.It is the most positive non job iI have ever had . I encourage you to check it out .Take the leap just as I did . you won't be sorry . It takes work and dedication as does anything but, if you don't give up , keep going ,you will succeed. I have . 

Here is my web address for the opportunity www.HempWorxBizOp.com/DebraMayhak 

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about this most exciting adventure , looking forward to speaking to you soon . 

Debra Mayhak, 

affiliate with Hempworx  

This article was published on 16.04.2019 by Debra Mayhak
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Hempworxs - nutritional supplem, 20 USD to join

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Shantell Sweeney Debra, Thanks for sharing your story with us. It sounds like you have found a business that you can connect with. (And it is always exciting when we can see a profit).   4 months ago

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