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Most Effective Tactics To Respond To A Personal Data Breach

Your Personal Information Has Been Breached. 

Now What? 

You check your mail after coming home from work, and find a notification that your personal data has been exposed in a Data Breach.  Has that happened to you yet?

Notifications like this are becoming more commonplace and while it is a cause for concern, the questions become how concerned should I be and how exactly do I respond to this?

Many Breach notifications now bring with them an offer of an identity theft product/service for 12 or 24 months and some may think that these offer of services is all they need, for that particular time period, whether it’s 12 or 24 months, to be protected, minimize their risks to identity theft and offer assistance to respond should something happen.

A proactive approach and offensive strategy is to already have a product/service in place to be in a position to detect, and then, as needed, respond to an event involving your personal identifying information. (PII)

*It’s important to note that any restoration services available through an offer from the breached entity may apply only to a matter connected to the breach event itself and may be limited in scope.  That’s something you don’t want to overlook*

As an example, if you found yourself the victim of an identity theft event unrelated to the breach, restoration services would not apply.  Ponder this example:

·         You received an identity theft-related product for 24 months at no cost to you because of a breach event involving a cyber-attack on a database that contained your name, SSN and address.  You then found yourself the victim of counterfeit and forged checks-someone obtained your personal information and made checks with your information on them and forged your signature to them.

·         The product/service provided by the breached organization would not provide services to address and resolve the counterfeit and forged checks because that event is not related to the breach suffered by the organization.

Some Helpful Tips to Follow When You Receive a Data Breach Notice:

Data breach notifications have a tendency to elicit a wide range of responses-everything from anger and fear to complete apathy.  But as the recipient of such a notice, the most important thing to do is remain calm and keep in mind there are positive steps that you can take, including:

1st:  Don’t over or under react.  While a breach notice doesn’t mean you are a victim of identity theft, it does mean that your information was apparently accessed by someone without authority to see it. However, it’s not something you should toss aside without examining, either.

2nd:  Read the entire letter the breached entity sent you, and consider these questions:

·         What entity sent the letter?

·         Why did they have personal data about you/what is their relationship to you?

·         What type of data was exposed?  Was it your SS#, information on an existing financial account, your email address?  Each exposure calls for a different response from you.

·         How did this happen?  Was it an accident or an orchestrated sophisticated attack on that entity for the sole purpose of stealing data?

·         Is the company offering credit monitoring, identity theft consultation, identity restoration, or other services to you?

If you have doubts about the legitimacy of the letter, check the website of the entity sending the letter and/or call their corporate office directly to verify the event and any associated offers.

3rd:  Be Cautious.  Scammers may try to use this event to trick/scam people into giving up their personal information via multiple methods, including phishing attempts by phone/email.  If you receive a phone call/email from someone claiming to be from the business that notified you of the breach and they’re asking for your personal information to verify, whatever you do, don’t respond to them.  Instead, call the affected business directly to determine if it was their actual representative who contacted you.

4th:  Consider owning an Identity Theft Restoration Service before you receive a breach notification.  And the sooner you can do so, the better off you’ll be.  It’s imperative to compare identity theft service offerings very closely and carefully.  Not all offer full restoration services, but rather they offer support services, via call centers or prewritten letters the victim must send out on his/her own.  With a service like that, identity theft victims must still do the bulk of the work in investigating and restoring their name and correcting the fraud that may have occurred.  That can be quite a daunting task.  Just ask anyone who has gone thru it or is currently going thru it. 

The best defense is a strong, proactive offense.

We provide our members Licensed Fraud Investigators who will go to work on our members behalf to restore their identity(s), in full, to pre-theft status.   We provide full restoration, from beginning to end.  This saves our members time, money, headaches and financial resources.

It also saves companies time & money, while improving employee productivity.  If an employee or a member of his family gets hit with identity theft, that can and normally does have a negative impact on employee productivity.

The best defense is a strong, proactive offense.  In your search and comparison of identity theft service offerings, I invite you to please consider our services and compare us with anything available today.  We offer “best in class” with the leaders in the marketplace.

Please by my guest and visit us online where you’ll find more information on our services, our companies behind the services, and how they can benefit you, your family, your business & your employees.  Our services can also be offered as a 100% voluntary employee benefit.  No direct cost to the company.

Be my guest and visit:      and/or

And if we can ever be of any service to you or your company, please contact me.  Thanks in advance and make it a great day.



This article was published on 11.08.2015 by Stephen Esch
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