The Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Network Marketers

If You're Not in these Places, You're Not Playing to Win!

Back when I first got started I wanted to use paid advertising to get people joining my business at record pace right away.

A healthy desire, but there's just one problem. My funnel was far from optimized. On top of that, I was burning through money without ever knowing how to optimize a funnel!

Then a leader told me that the best thing to do is to start driving leads with free organic social media.

I thought to myself, "yuck. That means I have to interact with people." And anybody who knows me knows I'm an total introvert.

But the reality is this: by getting the system set up and then driving traffic using free organic social media, you get to test your funnel and find out what's working - and tweak it as needed.

And if you have a funnel that's already working with people coming from free social media, the paid advertising people are going to be just as hungry!

There is a whole host of social media platforms out there. But today we're going to narrow that scope down to just three platforms that matter most for network marketers.

So I invite you to stop wasting your time everywhere else - and focus everything you got on these three sites I'm about to share with you!

1. MLM Gateway

Hands down, you're not gonna find better network marketing leads anywhere else. Why?

MLM Gateway is where network marketers, MLM-er's and home business types congregate. The great thing about this is you're not going to be running into questions like, "is this a pyramid scheme?" Or nonsense like that.

These are people who already believe in the model so most of your selling is already done. It should be noted that to succeed with this platform, you will need a much different approach than the one most people on the platform are using - and that's why it's so awesome...

If you follow the system I use, you'll be positioning yourself on social media so differently than the blabber's and the spammers that you will stand out from everybody else!

2. LinkedIn

Yes there are professional network marketers, and yes professional network marketers have LinkedIn profiles that identify them as such!

LinkedIn allows you to reach out to about 400 people a month. In my experience, I've discovered that of everybody I reach out to, only about one in five will connect with you.

And let me tell you that there's gold in them thar hills!

Showing up on LinkedIn also subconsciously affirms to you just how important your job as a network marketer really is. Because on LinkedIn, you'll be showing up with others who are just as proud of their 9-to-5 jobs. And who knows?

Some of the people in your network who are 9-to-5'ers may be fed up with their job to the point where they're interested in hearing more about what you had to say!

3. Facebook

I can't stand almost anything about this platform other than the fact that it's a great place for network marketers to score tons of free organic leads.

There's no denying that there are more people using Facebook than any other platform out there. And having a token Facebook presence is practically mandatory to have any level of credibility in this industry.

You can use groups tailored to network marketing to find leads, and I'm actually going to be starting my own group to generate leads for my business.

Facebook is a super connectable place and it is a gold mine for people looking for leadership on how to succeed in network marketing and MLM.

Get Weaponized

For each of these platforms, it's important to have an optimized profile. That means good pictures and good About Me descriptions.

This is a long-term strategy that can have immediate results in which success relies on one's ability to build a following of friends and connections along with posting regularly.

Each of these platforms also does a great job of allowing you to have conversations to private messaging. PM's are absolutely key to getting free leads with organic social media and each of these platforms has a robust PM system to communicate.

Get plugged in to these 3sites watch your network marketing business grow in ways you never thought possible - and don't even think about paid traffic until you've got organic social media leads humming first!

Need Help Getting Leads for Your Network Marketing Business with Organic Social Media?

If you've ever asked yourself, 

What should be in my profile? 
What should I post? 
How do I reach out to people? 
How come nobody's interested in my business?

Then what follows is for YOU.

I remember trying organic social media and it didn't work at all. I did everything I was told by my upline to do, and fell flat on my face. Frustration!

But then I found out that to succeed with FREE organic social media, your approach must be much different than what your upline is telling you!

I invite you to Reach out and let's Connect.

When you do, I'll share with you some ideas for how to tweak your approach with organic social media so prospects will become instantly interested in what you have to offer - rather than you having a chase them.

And in case your overall approach to your entire business needs a complete overhaul, a person can reevaluate whether what they're doing is working or not.


This training is designed to give you the 30,000 foot view of how to win and finally start enrolling more reps today as a network marketer.

Let's connect and start a conversation.

You're worth it,

Adam Tigges


This article was published on 28.07.2021 by Adam Tigges
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