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Why do so many fail in home-based business you ask?  The simple one word answer....PAIN.

We are programed to avoid pain. This industry, unlike any other, doles out pain at a relentless rate. It all starts with the cost to get in. It quickly moves on to hours and hours of training from people that really aren't any smarter or wiser than you are. Or worst yet, no training and support. Next we move into gathering customers, which leads to more rejection/pain. But wait, I bet it will be easier to find others to be a Rep......NOPE, more rejection/pain. What else could go wrong? Well those few customers you got, stopped using your over-priced, over-hyped product after month one. THERE GOES YOUR PROMOTION AND BONUS PAY. Painful huh?

So what's the answer? Is there an answer? Does anyone really make ANY money in this crazy industry? YES THEY DO! Is there a secret? Well, sort of. Want to know what it is? OK here goes. Find a program that avoids pain.  

That means moderate entry cost. That means a product that actually works and isn't over-priced. Those simple things will lead to keeping customers without ever having to maintain them. If you don't know the difference, you probably are experiencing pain on a daily basis.

You also have to find a program that doesn't require changing or creating a buying habit. Why? Because SELLING IS PAINFUL! Most hate to sell, most are scared to death of selling, but thats what most programs force us to do.

Here's the truth. The big time advertising firms spend millions and millions of dollars daily creating ads that TRY to change or create buying habits. Do you really think you and your downline can do it from home? Wake up! This industry sets us up to fail from day one. I'm not saying they do it on purpose or that this industry is a scam. Obviously there a few that have hit it big. You know them. That were the ones they used to get you emotionally hooked into your current opportunity.

I'm saying times have changed. Don't get emotional about the product, don't be loyal to the company. The company really doesn't care about you. Thats not a knock, that's just the truth. It's not good or bad. Oh yea, and the product that is so revolutionary you are selling. If it's so great, why not just buy it? Truth is as soon as you stop doing the opportunity, you will stop using the product. That's what the numbers prove. Did I make you mad yet? Don't be mad at me, don't be mad at yourself, just face reality. If you really want the lifestyle this industry promises you better stop drinking the Kool-Aid, RIGHT NOW!

If you are struggling, if you continue to fail and just can't figure out why, then I got a simple video you MUST watch. It will change your thought process, it will point you in the right direction and hopefully it will lead you to exactly what you are looking for. GO HERE NOW

If I could show you a way to get paid every time a prescription medication is filled, would you be interested?

You don't need to be a Pharmacist or have any special license.  

70% of Americans fill a script once a month. 52% fill two and 20% get 5 or more filled each and every month. Our company will pay you major upfront money as your backend residual builds from the usage of our FREE product. 

Our company is 8 years old.  We have been featured in The Inc 500 and on MSNBC.  This is the real deal.  Here's the bottom line.  Selling is hard.  Changing buying habits is harder.  Maintaining a customer base is almost impossible.  We eliminate all those problems.  Think about it, how many times did you tell your doctor you wouldn't take medicine he/she prescribed for you?

I can show you how to build a massive residual income as well as a way to earn quick upfront money.  We pay daily!

If you want to get off the job merry-go-round    GO HERE:   Watch the video, if it makes sense opt in and get all the info.  If you do this within 24 hours I can extend a very special financial offer to you. This really is a one-time offer that will mean thousands of dollars in your pocket almost immediately.

You have nothing to lose, there is no cost for this information and I assure you the information will have a profound effect on your financial future.  If you have ever dreamed of that work at home lifestyle then do yourself a favor.  Click the link, follow through, get the info and then lets talk.

This article was published on 09.02.2016 by Jeff Gergic
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