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Everyone has a story, so make sure you're sharing yours. Never jeopardize your integrity. Your integrity is something that no one can ever take from you, but you can surely give it away. Always be honest when you speak to people about your business and let them experience your passion. Let them see your commitment level, not just in your company, but in “them”. Tell a story that “solved” a problem for you. We are in the problem solving business, so the more problems you solve, the more money you’ll make.

Story Example 1: I was always tired and never felt my best. I was always sick and never felt like doing anything. When I played with my kids, I could only play with them for a few minutes because I got too tired. I could barely tie my own shoes. I was introduced to my company and started taking their weight loss products. To this day, just 9 months later, I am down 75 pounds, I’ve never felt better, my energy is through the roof and I can play with my kids for hours without feeling tired. This company and their products “changed my life”. I feel whole and alive again. If losing 10 pounds or even 50+ pounds is something you want to do and if you want to feel healthy and get your life back, I’d love to help you. These products worked for me, so they can work for you too.

Story Example 2: I like to wear makeup, but haven’t for years because every product I tried contained corn or harsh chemicals that burned my skin. My skin is very sensitive, so it’s been a challenge finding a cosmetic line that works. I’m a girl, I love makeup like any other girl, so I felt a part of me was missing. I was introduced to my company and started using their makeup and haven’t had one issue. I absolutely love their cosmetic line. Their makeup is made free of corn and other toxic ingredients. I really couldn’t be happier. If you have sensitive skin and like to wear makeup, I would like you to consider our products. These products have changed my life and I’ve never felt more alive. It can happen to you too.

Those are two basic stories just to give you an idea on what to say. You don’t need some long and drawn out story, but you do have to “have” a story. Keep it short, simple and relatable and you’ll do fantastic.

Never hype the truth or inflate your earnings and never give false testimonials on the use of any of your company products or how they make you feel. Be patient and keep your facts straight because someone will call you out or verify what you tell them. Do not publicly advertise multiple opportunities and if you're really serious about your business, ACT LIKE IT, stake your flag and the people will come.

People join people, not companies, so once your prospects know they can trust you and once they know they can rely on you to help them earn an income, the company you’re in won’t matter because they are joining “you”.

Have a story that will inspire people and you will do great. Have a story that the people you talk to can relate to. Have a story that “solved” a problem in your life. Have a story that is real and not over the top. Keep your story simple, but have one.

You can write out your story and practice it in the mirror. After a few tries, you’ll have your story down cold. In our business, we say this, “get your story down cold and deliver it hot.”

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This article was published on 24.07.2016 by Richard Wyche
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