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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mobile Application Developer in the USA?

Mobile app development has gained huge popularity and importance among emerging and innovative businesses. In fact, almost everyone wants to develop their mobile app to capitalize on a larger market and build a brand presence in the market. However, not everyone is familiar with the cost to hire mobile app developers in the US market.

In this blog, we are going to help you learn about the factors that might affect the cost and why you should hire a prominent mobile app development company.

This blog will greatly help people who want to learn about the average cost and quickly make a decision to hire a mobile app development company for their project. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of Hiring a Mobile App Developer in the USA

Now, if we talk about the factors, then there could be multiple internal and external factors that might affect the development cost. However, these are some of the most prominent cost-affecting factors;

Skills and Qualifications

Not every mobile app developer has expertise with the latest technologies and development tools. In fact, if you are looking for more skilled and qualified developers with multiple expertise, then you should be prepared to pay more.

For example; if you might be looking forward to developing a complex app, then you might need to hire Full Stack Developers. They will be charging you more to cover multiple stages of the development process. Whereas, developing a simple app might not require the best technical talent pool.


Experience is more important than just skills and qualifications. It will help you ensure that you can expect a certain level of quality and refinement in your mobile app development project.

Developers with experience with multiple clients from diverse industries might charge you more to deliver a better product. Whereas, developers who have just completed their certificate courses will tend to charge less. However, instead of finding the cheapest option in the market, you should create a balance between experience and cost to get the best value for money services. Ultimately, the experience of your developers could be a significant factor in deciding the quality of your digital product.

Location of the Developers

Different regions have different hourly development charges. Thus, considering that the USA is a developed country, you might need to pay more to hire mobile app developers from the country. This is due to various factors such as the standard of living, the strength of the currency, and the saturation of the labor market. Thus, it would be also advisable to outsource your project to developers from other countries.

Specialization in Technology

The IT industry is a very dynamic industry. In fact, every year we witness massive changes in the industry with the introduction of new tools and technology. Thus, expertise with a particular tech stack can also significantly impact your mobile app development cost.

For example; if you want to build a Blockchain app, then you have to hire professionals who have expertise in this rare and special technology. Therefore, you will have to pay more for this additional expertise.

Project Complexity

The cost to hire mobile app developer also greatly depends on the complexity of your project. Not every developer is flexible to handle projects with different complexities. Thus, they tend to charge differently according to the project complexities. However, a trustworthy mobile app development company will always provide cost-effective solutions regardless of the project complexity.

Cost of Hiring Mobile App Developers in the USA

Although the mobile app development industry has become a competitive sphere developers in the USA tend to charge the highest around the world. In fact, you can expect to pay an hourly rate ranging from $42 to $70 depending on the points that I have just mentioned above.

However, if you want to hire experienced developers who have over 3 years of experience, then you should prepare to pay hourly rates as high as $120. Thus, it shows the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the IT industry.

Let’s talk about the different hiring models that you can consider to get the most cost-effective and reliable option for your mobile app development project.

Different Hiring Models

If you are running an emerging business then you have three prominent options. Either you can hire yourself, hire freelancers, or trust a mobile app development company.

Hiring Freelancers for Your Project

Hiring freelancers could be the most budget-friendly option for emerging businesses. Above all, you can find professionals charging from $15/hr to $120hr depending on different expertise and locations. Thus, will have a wide range of options while selecting cost-effective talent for your mobile app development project. However, you might not have full control over the development process by depending on freelancers.

Building an In-House Team

This option is only cost-effective when you have a long development roadmap and long-time commitment to your project. Above all, building an in-house team gives you better control over the development process and you can micro-manage each and every aspect with ease. However, maintaining an in-house development invites so many liabilities for you. For example; you have to bear their monthly salaries, perks, insurance, and other expenses. Moreover, you also need to spend on infrastructure if you are planning on building an office space as well.

Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

This option could be the perfect blend between hiring freelancers and building an in-house team for your mobile app development project. In fact, they will provide more flexible pricing options depending on the needs of your project. Moreover, they have already spent their time and efforts hiring the best developers in the USA.

Therefore, you are able to get an assurance of a quality development process and an effective final digital product. Some of the best mobile app development companies even work with fixed price models, which means you never have to worry about running out of budget.

How to Avail Mobile App Developers at Reasonable Costs?

The budget might not be the issue for medium or large enterprises to hire the best resources from the USA. However, it could be a major factor for start-up companies and emerging businesses who want cost-effective services. These are some critical tips that you should consider to get mobile app developers at lower costs;

Analyze the Market to Find the Best Hourly Rate

The majority of the mobile app developers charge on an hourly basis. Thus, you have to be analytical while finding the best developers that fit your budgets and ensure quality work.

Determining the Optimal Tech Stack for Your Project

There are so many technical stacks in the market that it could create huge confusion for emerging businesses. They might end up choosing the unnecessary tech stack and spend more on the development process.

Thus, it becomes very important to get expert advice while choosing the right technology stack for your project. Above all, hiring developers to work on a more complex technology will significantly increase the development cost.

Consider Outsourcing from Overseas

It is quite apparent that hiring mobile app developers from the USA is quite an extensive affair. Thus, you can consider hiring developers from an overseas mobile app development company. You won’t be compromising in terms of quality and get the best benefits of cost-effective solutions.

In fact, with the same money in the US, you can hire more qualified and skilled developers from developing countries like Ukraine, India, Brazil, etc. Ultimately, you can expect to have a better deal for your money.

Summing Up

It has become very important to invest in mobile app development if you want to grow your business and reach a wider audience. In fact, having a mobile app can help you build a better brand reputation and customer loyalty in the market.

For this reason, it would be highly advisable to hire a top mobile app development company like MobileCoderz. They have extensive experience in developing top-notch mobile and web solutions. The MobileCoderz team is empowered by high-quality developers, designers, QA professionals, and project managers. Together they ensure cost-effective solutions with high-quality, scalability, reliability, and resilience.

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Erma Winter is a professional mobile app developer at MobileCoderz, a best android app development company. Over the years, she and her team have developed dozens of mobile apps for clients from different industry verticals. Lastly, apart from her professional life, she takes a keen interest in horse riding and playing with her pets.

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