I'm really excited about Tesla's new Model 3 sedan. Although few people have ever even heard the name, the Tesla is considered by experts to be the world's best car. It is generating more excitement than any automobile since Henry Ford introduce the Model T.

People are rushing to Tesla's new dealerships to reserve a new Model 3 even as you read this. In 2015, their first year of real production, Tesla manufactured only 50,000 cars but that number will be increased to 500,000 by 2020.

Tesla has a reputation for good vehicles and quick innovation, which is why people were camping outside of their local Tesla stores for the Model 3 launch last Thursday,  before they knew practically anything at all about the car.

To meet the demand, Tesla has a new gigafactory already under construction in Fremont, California, with the help of a $1.4 billion investment by Panasonic, the world's largest battery manufacturer.

But the future of Tesla - and Panasonic - depends largely on Lithium for their batteries. Currently, there isn't enough of it being produced by all of the lithium miners in the world to supply their needs over the next four years, and new players are rushing into the field to capitalize on the soaring demand for the light, silver-white metal.

Most other car companies too, are rushing into the EV (Electric Vehicles) business, and electric bicycles are already starting to gain in popularity, which means an even greater demand for the metal, promising huge profits for lithium investors.

Does that mean the end for oil?  Not at all. Automobiles and bicycles might be able to operate on batteries, but not aircraft, railways, ocean liners and tankers, and other diesel consumers. Oil is also required for the production of plastics, and more than 150 necessary consumer products.

Car batteries will have little effect on the overall demand for oil - but they will indirectly provide an exciting opportunity for members of New Oil Barons to increase their profits without investing a nickle, other than their regular monthly membership fees. Imagine being able to get in on such a marvelous opportunity for only five dollars a month. It's unheard of in the world of finance!

In the meantime, the world demand for oil is still hovering close to 35 billion barrels a year. And if BP scientists are correct that all of the oil left in the earth's crust will be gone in 54 years oil prices have no where to go but up ! Can you imagine what the last 100 million barrels of oil will sell for?

If there ever was a chance to make money with the 'buy low...sell high' strategy, this is it.

Take advantage of the big energy struggles going on in the world with a New Oil Barons membership.

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This article was published on 02.04.2016 by cals5839 .
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