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I need more help! I live in the foothills east of Sacramento. I got this hot online business that I stumbled into. I think it's time to take it old school and do some meetings and personal development training and encouragement with like minded people! My picture is out there branding what can be done when a person that circumstances leads to obesity and ill health can all of a sudden, like a miracle, go from a shoddy maintained temple, to a brand new shell, as if you walk into a car lot and emerge a few months later with a complete new vehicle to carry around your great spirit with new zeal and a greater self image.

About Pat Hamer

So what I need are some key people that will help me develop a controversial social network of overweight under confident people, like I was, that want to see if, one last chance, can make a difference. For those of you in your 30s that are fit as a fiddle: This is where life can lead you! Many have not had the opportunity for physical restoration without diet or exercise. Many have other health problems where exercise is completely out of the question: old bones, bursitis, poor endurance. I'm here to tell you that there is hope for you!

Many people approached me with fad diets, and nutritional supplements, ALL WITH THE FOLLOWING ABSURD CAVEAT, "FOLLOW WITH EXERCISE FOR RESULTS." Tough love was their motto! If you failed again, it wasn't their fault!!! Their box of nutritional supplements had people with abs, climbing mountains, or racing in the Tour de France, lol! Yeah right!

I'm not saying nutrition is bad at all! For people like us, a mind set for nutrition required focus and discipline, a ton of extra cash we don't have! I wasn't disciplined enough to remember to take them, and I was fat and lazy, and I'd forget, or I'd have to clean a mess daily of mixing blended concoctions, and they were so full of nutrients, I gained more weight! I kid you not! These companies take pictures of those rare individuals who can somehow regain their desire and get those abs, climb mountains, and race down the windy road on a ten speed! Good for them, but I would try, get injured, I just didn't have the desire no more to be able to do it, and I was a former wrestling champ of my weight class!

But I found a way, quite accidentally. Marketers love to exploit overweight people, and a guy I knew saw profit in that! I thank him! It was stupid simple and unbelievable! Weight loss in a cup of coffee? I told him yeah right! He approached me earlier with an energy drink! He said drink this and then go get rich! It's a start up company he said. I got the product, and the wife and I drank it, spit it out and sent it back and got refunded. They said, but we are getting a weight loss coffee! I said, to be nice, when you get it send me a box, hoping that was the last I hear from them!

6 months later they called me and, to be nice, I ordered the coffee, knowing that I could send it back, and get my money back, I had even tested that 30 day guarantee! I drank it, and got the jitters, so I called him, almost in your face with an I knew it attitude, and told him it was too jittery, and had to send it back. He said, Pat, before you do that just cut the dose in half, and use a smaller cup. I did, and the next day it was not jittery, but then I still had the 30-day guarantee, I couldn’t lose my money! That day I felt awake and experienced refreshing energy. Hey it was only coffee! I never missed my morning coffee! I drank it for a week, and lost 4 pounds. No dieting, not exercise, but I noticed I stopped craving food instantly. I would forget to eat breakfast or lunch, and at 2pm realize I wasn’t having a head ache from starvation. I would have yogurt, or a sandwich. Then at dinner time I still wasn’t hungry, but I’d choke down a can of sardines. I’d get up the next day and have 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, oatmeal, and fried sliced tomatoes in the bacon grease. You put garlic salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese on the tomatoes and just sear them a bit! Yummy! Then I’d have an apple or watermelon for lunch, remembering about “grazing” instead of a 3 course pyramid scheme from the FDAs food pyramid. The FDA is killing people with thing, bless their darling hearts and stupid heads. Eat “3-5 fruits and veggies a day, fish, poultry, cheese, nuts, milk yogurt, dry beans, eggs, [insert Sam Kinesin scream here HAVE YOU EVER EATEN A DRY BEAN!!!!] bread rice serial pasta! If you can get your health back doing that, man you are eating good! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but if your obese, you are already SUBAR!

So then I’m drinking this coffee, and these other MLM people are pointing the finger at me telling me I’m not getting nutrition! I smiled and said I know, and [Sam Kinesin again] I KNOW I’M LOSING WEIGHT IT’S CALLED LIVING OFF THE FAT OF THE LAND! They been marketing this stuff for 5 years making 400 bucks a month, if that, [true story], working another 20 hours a week after their day job: no wonder they were in shape.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’m drinking coffee, and screening my phone from this coffee salesman who’s telling me to get Grandma and Uncle Bob to buy my coffee, he need to make his Mercedes payment. I keep telling him to leave me alone, Grandmas dead, she died of hyper lipedema, and Uncle Bob, as obese as he is, is 85! After three months I lost 30 lbs, and when I failed to screen that call, he asked me for a before and after picture. At that time I was grateful for him pushing hard on me to try this. So I gave him and the owner, who was on the phone too, my before and after pic, having to spend time in Photoshop putting it in the same image, utilizing my graphic communication degree to its fullest.

I thought what the heck! I’ll put the picture on Facebook. I did, and it basically had a caption that stated, I lost 30 lbs in 3 months just drinking coffee without dieting or exercising. That week three people ordered the coffee from a link to a website they gave me coded to my bank account for direct deposits. I made 180 dollars as I recalled! Finally, my college degree was paying off! Maybe I could quit Carpentry that paid my way through college, but I got type casted!!!

That was about a year ago. Today I’ve lost 57 lbs since then. My savings account has doubled, I have new stuff, my favorite is the 2016 Polaris Sportsman Touring model that my wife and I tootle around the mountain where I live in. My upline where buying Ferrari’s and I wanted a mountain Ferrari! I was making $600 to $1500 posting a picture and copying and pasting a link on Facebook and Craigslist for free! I thought what idiot can’t do this? Well, if you ask that guy that sold me coffee, he kept telling me I was doing it wrong, and that I’d fail. I didn’t get it, because every time I looked in the mirror I didn’t see how I was failing. To this day he finally stopped calling me informing me how I would fail because I wouldn’t do it his way. But I found places to advertise where nothing but marketers looking to make a buck frequented due to being goaded by profit and easy money promising dollars for a few minutes of time! They had tasks you do, and you usually had to look at advertising from other people like those guys that sold nutritional products combined with EXERCISE you could get a six pack and climb mountains. Instead of failing like my leader told me, I used the internet to trap victims of my plot! Get them caffeinated with Garcinia Cambogia, and other, AHEM, “NON GMO” natural products that can turn a PMS monster [guys included] into a kitty cat, so I’m told. Anyways, I became the companies 46 diamond from too much Business Volume, about 20,000 BV on my short leg about 3 months later. I haven’t heard from my upline since lol! But I thank him daily in my prayers, oh and God too! You got to love those god complexes! Hey I do! No kidding!

Soooo, I don’t know if there are any like-minded people out there, God save us, whom would want to team up with me to help people like me who once thought it was too late for physical recovery! If so, I’m in the Northern California region between South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento up Hwy 50. I believe in teaching people to brand themselves as a marketing force, or upcoming marketing force! If you can’t duplicate that on your own, like I’m doing, I created a duplicatable [word says “duplicable,” but who the heck ever says that] web site for our team! My upline’s buddy told me I was being “negative” because I wouldn’t believe them that online marketing was only for “one” guy on his team, whomever that is, I have a good idea, and that guy is an impressive Diamond! My point being that we are all individuals, and we are all in a free enterprise system as entrepreneurs. Technology is creeping in, and people who like it, are in line with Pepsi Cola, Proctor and Gamble, inter alia. Old school marketing still makes millionaires, but look at the controversy I created with my upline! I rarely talk about it, because it’s quite embarrassing!

Now that I’m healthy, I crave good nutrition, and exercise! I was so out of shape that I’m developing bursitis in my wrists from doing curls. So now I’m healing that. Had I not had this weight loss coffee, I’d gain all that weight back! That’s what has been happening for decades now! Hey I’m 58, set in my ways, and so don’t fault us! I’m not going to cow tow to a 40 year old self proclaimed nutritionist, when he’s never been in my shoes, and I don’t expect any of you to cow tow to me at all! If I fail, I fail! You my team fails, we all fail! But one thing for sure is I have a cup of coffee that will create a new you regardless whether or not you like me as a person or business man!

I’m looking for a core like-minded group of individuals whom want to combine online, with old school marketing, like that my upline say if you don’t do it you will fail. I know I made some easy money without all the hard work my upline have done. Even though I’ve been staggered at the consistent income I’ve had for over a year now, it’s been developed from web sites that I have created in a PHP dynamic format that anyone can have by adding your name and User ID: viola ME! You duplicate me exactly! What’s the big deal? It’s not rocket science! Unlike my upline, I think you have more intelligence than they give you credit for! My, AHEM, “duplicable” dynamic replicating site is designed to teach you, inch by inch it’s a cinch, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! But we got to get people to see how easy online marketing an be! So, “it’s time to kick it old school!” Please contact me and let’s build a force in face to face belly to belly marketing so my upline will like me again! It’s not good that they carry ill will toward people that don’t brand them! The new creedo is to brand yourself, build your list: why? Well because your list is more valuable than companies that seem to be around on a temporary basis! You are the company, NOT AN EMPLOYEE! Nobody tells you what to do! You have to make your bed and lay in it! As a real estate developer and contractor for 30 years, I never brand my peer group, mentor contractors! I brand my company! You brand yours, not mine! I will not be offended I promise!

Call me 925-360-1936. Let’s set up an office, a meetup, some solid foundational group!

This article was published on 28.09.2016 by Pat Hamer
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