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The mobile gaming industry is making millions of dollars, with the help of none other than us. Social media is the number one marketing platform. Problem with that is, their not paying us a dime. Imagine getting paid to play and compete with family and friends. Well you can!! Gamelootnetwork is literally changing the game! Learn how to become the owner of your very own mobile game network. Where you ,your contacts, family, and friends can make your time worth money. This global opportunity is going to take a lot of people by surprise. Some of the top game developers are preparing for this evolutionary opportunity. Now if you just want to join the network to play mobile games you can. Although that will put you in position, it doesn't qualify you to benefit from our untouchable compensation plan. How do you qualify for our sensational compensation plan. Join as a game Ambassador. When you become a game Ambassador. Recruit three of your closest friends or business partners. Once you've gotten them to join your team. You're commission qualified.  All three of you will get your very own website and state of the art marketing arcade. Where you can post to any and every Internet site you would like.  At that point you are commission and will receive a $250 bonus and begin making $5/day. At that point you and partners work to build the network. As the network grows, all of you start leveling up in the compensation plan. Get this! The compensation plan tops out at $3000/day. But that's not it!! On your way to the top of the plan. You will receive  $900,000 in bonuses. But that's not it! Gamelootnetwork also has what we call a builder bonus. Once your network has grown to $3900 in group volume and you just happen to sign another game Ambassador personally. Once he or she sponsor 3 ambassadors. You begin to receive what they call builder bonuses, as well as everyone in the network. Gamelootnetwork wants you to benefit from this 40 billion dollar industry. That's predicted to be worth over 65 billion with in the next 6 to 12 months. So if you see the potential in this opportunity and you want to get in position. Go to this link join as a game Ambassador. enter code: gameworks. Sign up and start building your gaming network
This article was published on 02.09.2016 by Sherrod Blount
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