Click Intensity Launches in 5 Days!


Click Intensity!

From the 27th Onwards You Will Be Able To Start Purchasing Silver Packs And Hence Enter Into Every 30 Minutes Revenue Share .  Also You Will be Able To Start Utilising Some Of Our Awesome Gold Coin Products Like Done For You High Quality Biz Opp Traffic Which Will Help You Get Automatic Referrals !

All You Got to Do Is Order how many clicks you want , proceed to checkout , next page submit the link where u want the traffic to come and in 72-96 hours our traffic vendors will deliver high quality traffic which converts to your links and you will be having automatic referrals !

They are also waiting for final verifications from STP And Payza(Technical integration has already been completed) and as soon as they get it , they will also be live!

And Next in Line Are Coin-base , Advcash And Payeer !

Also coming will be Member to Member Coin Transfers, shortly in next 24-48 hours so some of you can purchase coins for your collective team and then transfer them internally! This works especially well in 3rd world countries where at times doing bank wires internationally can be a bit of challenge !

So a few top leaders can collect and send funds , receive coins and then distribute accordingly...

Imagine everyone in your team funding their accounts, buying Ad Packs and Traffic for any business

Massive Payouts from this unique 7-level pay plan. ....27th Onwards All Commission Calculations And Everything  will Also start and they will have a buffer of about 24 hours on 27th before releasing the first commissions just to make sure everything is working right and then from 28th onward everyone will be able to start withdrawing their commissions at will or repurchase silver packs up to the maximum allowed of 4000 packs - the ultimate level available.

This ensures massive checks right out of the gate for everyone who is taking this business seriously... conversations with leaders left, right and centre on Facebook produced numerous requests from everyone to extend this prelaunch so that they and their teams can have enough time to fund their accounts and create massive cheques and testimonials right from the start ! And therefore the company extended its planned March 16 launch to March 27th.

This also gives everyone more time to build a even bigger team leveraging our proven prelaunch marketing funnels which is converting awesome on pretty much all forms of traffic !

We averaging over 2800-3000 signups daily and today we are on track to cross 3,500 to 4,000 signups in a 24 hour period! Total membership today has surpassed 57,000! Alexa rankings are expected to be under 5000 by launch day. The extra time means we could reach 100,000 right off the gates by March 27, which iwll create an even greater buzz , even lower alexa rankings and overall win win for everyone....

Think about it.............

Click Intensity is now in an all-out pre-lauch momentum as leaders all over the world are positioning themselves for massive commissions from day 1. Always good to maximise benefits from something which is working like crazy.... The extra time will allow Click Intensity to ensure a revenue share platform which will start producing powerful profits for our members every 30 minutes like clockwork all glitches eliminated from the system. All that any member would have to do, is to clicking their 10 ads daily for revenue shares! and the more advertising packs at $25.00 per pack they purchase, the greater will be their revenue share return at 120% on their advertising dollars.

What has allready been achieved is nothing short of extraordinary ( Over 57,000 Signups , Alexa Rankings Of Less Than 25,000 And Unbelievable amount of talent and leadership being attracted by this group.

But what is expected to be achieved from now is going to blow away the industry ! From here we will race to 100,000 members and then 200,000 and then 500,000 and then 1 million members and 10 million members across the globe and beyond !

Together we will travel the beaches of the world and change as many lives as possible. Whether you are someone who is just getting started or have been around the block, we have something for everyone and it's only going to get bigger!  Get your Spot now, right HERE! Click Intensity

This article was published on 22.03.2016 by Jaime F. Gueits
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