Dump founding testimonies from piuni telecoms industry

I'm privileged to come across a huge business opportunity in the telecommunication industry.

The name of the company is PIUNI. A multimillion dollar global company from US, founded on the principle of making life easier by creating a platform whereby DAILY life activities can be simplified & transformed into a life changing business.

The company reward(pay) us for doing what we ordinarily like to do or would have paid someone to do for us DAILY like:

> Top up mobile phone/tablet worldwide to ALL networks in over 140 countries including Nigeria

> Money transfer Services

> Pay bills for hundreds of services worldwide e.g television subscriptions,Electricity bills, Water bills, Healthcare, internet WiFi, Government taxes, Fuel & gas purchase, E-commerce, etc.

The website is www.piuni.net

Today, I have top up my MTN line using the platform. It's simply fantastic!!

The beauty of this is that this is made available via MLM. It's the BIGGEST EVER in MLM worldwide.

I just invited you for a LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, that will singularly rewrite your entire history. I look forward to seeing you join us.

Who are we, we are the next big thing, we are Facebook,whatapp,quick teller, wakanow and pay capture roll into one company. we are currently in our pre-lunch stage seeking affiliates in the MLM industry to sell ours products

Which includes and not limited to. 

1) U top up

2) Uchat

3) Upay

4) Usim

5) Ucard

6) Inkind

7) Unites

8) Uclick

9) Uworld

10) BillPay

This is my website www.piuni.net/danbos 

These are my videos links 



Incase you want to join, you can pay via Piuni integrated LTD. 

3786583014 fcmb naira account and Piuni integrated LTD. 

3786583021 FCMB dollar account. Please contact me on my whatshapp number. .

+2348181078320 directly. 

The company is in the US. The head quarter is in the US. It's name is PIUNI INTEGRATED LTD.International business that makes you an international business man and an entrepreneur that will forever forget poverty. You will have your own website and it will be stocked with market of 10,000USD if you register with 140USD but the market will be 100,000 if you register with 540USD. This is just infinitesimal among the daily income you get from the company. From the videos you watched, you will realize all our products and services that people cannot do without. A time is coming that you will be given market stock that you can't even exhaust. These markets are being bought through out the world. We have 600 telecoms industries under PIUNI and it's in more than 140 countries now. Very large company.

Just convert the 10,000 USD and 100,000USD TO naira and see. One dollar is 450naira.

This is just infinitesimal among all the great benefits. Do you know how glo, MTN, airtel, Etisalat and the rest are making in a year? This is a company that has 600 of such telecoms industries under it. Imagine how much they make per day, month or year. This is a very great business opportunity for you my brother.

This is different from those 419 business. This is an international telecoms industry. They make billions of dollars annually. And if you before an affiliate, you own a share of the company already. All the income that comes to the industry, you collect your own income per day.

If you want to register, log on to www.piuni.net/danbos to register. When you get to the website, at the right hand corner of the website, you will see three short lines. Click it, then you will see join. Click it. Don't touch the sponsor details there. Scroll down and fill your details and you will see where you will pay for your package. That's all. You own your own company. 

Which package do you want to pay for?

Please any time you want to pay, please let me know the package you are interested in and let me know that you want to pay so that we will make proper arrangements for your registration. Thanks.  Welcome come to where poverty is being buried forever. You are making a good decision if you think this wonderful business opportunity is for you. Honestly. You can never regret it because we will make proper arrangements for your training. You don't need to persuade anyone to join, we would train you for that. Just be at rest. People are rushing it now. I am assuring you that if you have the money now don't hesitate because you are making a decision that will make you to forever give God the glory. We work as a team my brother. Even if it's only one person that register under you, it's OK. We the leaders give people spill overs. That is we can put people under you in your team. 

Everything you need to succeed in the business, you will have.

We are not like the network businesses that will just abandon people. We will support you until you get the full stamina in the business.

 I assure you, even to get affiliate, it is not a problem because, how you will do it that it will be so sweet and interesting for you, we will train you.

[11/9 That area cannot be over emphasised because if you just get a friend that register with 540USD, you get 100 USD immediately, and another 40 USD. After that, the system takes over because you don't need to know other people in your team but you get your income on daily basis.

 I emphasize again, you are OK with just one person because it doesn't reduce your income.

But the major income comes through your website retail stock that is up to 45milion if you register with 540USD as a premium affiliate. You get 80% of the total sales and if it gets exhausted, PIUNI will give you the same amount again for free.

 See, my brother, don't throw away this opportunity to get your MIND BLOWING daily income from PIUNI global telecoms. Piuni is making billions of dollars annually, and all the affiliates get their daily income from PIUNI global telecoms.

Facebook page is olobatuyi Taiwo. 

On Twitter am @ olobatuyi_taiwo. 

Join us brother.

This article was published on 09.11.2016 by Olobatuyi Taiwo
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