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Hello and welcome to SWISSCOIN.

I look forward to welcoming you as a new partner in our company.

Whether you have enrolled as an investor, executives, partners or interested in SWISSCOIN -

all have one thing common - you benefit from your involvement in many aspects of the new,

future cryptocurrency SWISSCOIN.

It is no coincidence that we have chosen our company headquarters in Canton train, the digital

financial center of the new Crypto Valley in Switzerland. We are surrounded by Fintech thought

leaders as BitCoin, Ethereum, Monetas, Block Chain Source, Swiss mining and many other

innovative companies in the field of crypto currencies. Here the future standards in

cryptography and the algorithms for crypto currencies are placed.

+The algorithm of SWISSCOIN allows to generate 10 billion digital Cryptocoins.

+1 million people get booked into their account in their free registration,


+1 million online stores and companies that accept in future the SWISSCOIN as

cryptocurrency, each receive 100 SWISSCOINS as FREE COINS..

+The FREE-COIN CONCEPT of SWISSCOIN was developed for ALL, not just for


+"It is no coincidence that we have chosen our company headquarters in Canton train, the

digital financial center of the new Crypto Valley in Switzerland." Werner Marquetant, CEO &


+In SWISSCOIN there are no "dead legs" bring nothing. Our unique compensation

plan you benefit fairly and promptly from your work.

+SWISSCOIN allows independently to benefit from the assets, age, sex, race, color,

education and place of residence in the boom of crypto currencies.

+The free BackOffice is a strong ally in your efforts the SWISSCOIN business to

build quickly, effectively and professionally.

+Everyone can at SWISSCOIN Register for FREE on sponsors and immediately

start with the business structure.

+Up to public trading the SWISSCOINS membership FREE stored as Paperwallet in bankindependent

high-security vaults in Switzerland.

+In addition, all members of SWISSCOINS are insured as a Paper Wallet.

+Crypto currencies like SWISSCOIN are the beginning of the revolution of money

transactions! Do not miss this unique opportunity and get started today.

+Direct bonus: In all directly mediated training packages and receive 10% direct bonus on business

Volume (BV). The Direct Bonus is settled daily.

+Quick Start Bonus: Reach as partners within 30 days of registering a cumulative turnover of at least 5,000 BV

and have at least 2 First liners, each with a 50-TESTER Pack, you will also receive a bonus of

500, - €. From a turnover of 10,000 BV you even get 1.000, - €. The Fast Start Bonus is

posted to the trading account and can only be used to purchase SWISSCOINS, tokens and

Training Packs.

+Team Bonus: For the Team Bonus you need to qualify only once by mediated 2 directly

Partner (First Line) mediate at least a training pack for 25, - € bought. All BV's cumulate for all

time. To automatically achieve at SWISSCOINTM ever higher bonus levels.

The team bonus will be settled daily.

Team Bonuses are NOT paid on own revenues.

Less other partners to be paid Team Bonus

+Matching Bonus: The matching bonus you receive from your credit 3%

Partners. For the Matching Bonus, you need only a 2%

Time qualify: You must itself the TESTER-250 Pack

Bought and 2 directly mediated Partner (First Line) gives 1%

have at least one-TESTER 50-pack for 50, - € bought

have. The matching bonus is settled daily.

+All transactions (1 BV = € 0.80) cumulative for all time.

+Once bonus levels reached remain.

+60% the bonuses are posted daily in the cash account and 40% in the trading


+From September 2016 the bank can be booked from the cash account on your

own SWISSCOIN-Mastercard.


This article was published on 04.10.2016 by Milos Grujicic
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