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Earn Double Digit Commissions WEEK ONE Help Small USA Businesses get COVID Money

A ONCE OPPORTUNITY! Learn and Earn. 11,000 Companies 6.5 Billion in under 2 years! Want some?

Get paid to assist Small to Medium Sized USA Businesses get Stimulus Money they don’t know they can get to the tune of up to $26,000/FT Employee. Work alone or build a network. Unlevel Pay Plan. One can be paid unlimited levels which includes generational wealth!

EARN 4% of what they get. The average business gets over $500,000 with J&A the Largest FULL TIME CPA Firm in America now having served over 11,000 Clients and just shy of 7 Billion dollars. The 20 CPAs and over 400 Employees get the job done! There's no place like JORNS! Top earners are earning thousands weekly and some are earning MORE! In the above example you will earn $20,000 Commissions! (One client)!

Hello I am Rodney Bush (Age 62 with over 40 years network experience) and my personal income from this is far surpassing anything I have ever experienced. From my personal efforts I am earning double digits from clients I am personally referring to and not only that I am earning 1% of the total grant, of what others earn. YOU CAN TOO! See below for an example.

Summary you will earn 4% of the total a company gets from CARES ACT, COVID Money businesses get which is free and clear money they DO NOT HAVE TO PAY BACK! 95% of companies we refer get approved to get monies for up to 6 quarters!

Some got funding because of the rule that has now been changed which was that a company had to have a decline in gross receipts, which was true for a time but the law changed. They qualify even if they got the PPP, forgivable loan. Why? (the law changed and most don't know it).

Companies can be qualified by meeting any of the rules for any one quarter and be qualified to receive grant money. YES, GRANT MONEY. That means they do NOT have to pay it back!

WORK OR BUILD A TEAM Example: You refer a company that has 100 employees or 10 companies that have 10 employees, either way this example is for 100 employees.

The CPA firm we are working with is getting an average of over $21,000 but for this example we will use $20,000. ONE HUNDRED employees times $20,000. $2.000,000 X 4% is $80,000. (are you reding now)?

Ok so you only referred ONE company with 20 employees. 20 X $20,000 or $400,000 x 4%. Or $16,000. That is lower than the first client I referred to the firm.

Realtors know how it feels to get these kinds of commissions and NOW YOU CAN enjoy the same. FOR ONCE GET PAID WHAT YOU ARE WORTH!

My income example does NOT mean you can or will do this or anything or that YOU will earn a dime but, when you refer a company and they move forward YOU will earn accordingly.


The income examples shown in the presentation are extraordinary and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Most people will not refer any customers and will not earn any income. Customer acquisition is the only way to earn with Snap Partners.

WARNING This GRANT/COVID money will NOT be available after April 15, 2025! This is a Federally Funded Program. The money is sitting in the Federal Reserve. For refunds for companies who kept their full time employees paid and insured during COVID.

Fortunately, this is NOT our only vertical within our primary company Snap Partners. I will share more with you in another article or on our 1st phone conversation.

YOU. Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting PLUS this ONCE money. Yes, we are calling it once money because this size commission is normally NOT available for the equal effort.


I cannot overlook telling you my success story by having a team of people also doing this in my NETWORK!

As stated above, you can and I earn 1% of the total of Grant money a business receives from those I have personally referred. Using the example income let's consider having just 5 people who duplicate the numbers above keeping in mind that when a combined effort of having 100 total employees representing a GRANT of $2,000,000 the 1st level commission will be 1% or $20,000 in commissions! GET 5 who do this? This is $100,000 in commissions for YOU! Perhaps you achieve this monthly!

Can you hear me now? Am I bragging? You decide I have dozens of clients processing in my network and YES I have been paid on a few. (more than 60 and growing)!

How old is this project? It was announced in late July of 2022. So, let's count the 1st full month of August to present through February. SIX months. YOU are on the ground floor.

FINALLY how do you get paid? Currently we are being advanced 10% of the total commissions that will be earned. ONCE the business pays the CPA firm and the CPA Firm pays us.

When you earn $100,000 you will be advanced, $10,000 up front, you will then get the other $90,000 at the end of the process.

Watch the 5.5 Minute Video that YOU will get a copy of with YOUR referral link that YOU will share with clients

Then REGISTER. It's not $199 or $1999,99 to join, IT IS FREE.

FREE To Join

FREE Training Register and take the short Training course and speak with confidence!

FREE Websites


You bring money to the table and YOU get paid, they don’t want YOUR money!

This article was published on 08.03.2023 by Rodney Bush
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Snap Financial - Covid Grant Money, Free to join

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