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About Us

Since 2012, we've been incorporating more services, helping families, professionals and small and medium businesses put action behind the concept of "creating generational wealth" by servicing most of their needs: Taxes, Credit, Insurance, Travel, Business Affiliate Member Agency Ownership and Asset Protection.

We coach our clients to build and legitimize functional, engaging, profitable businesses; with ethics, integrity and transparency. We offer business ownership coaching and training; Working "hands-on" educating, encouraging and empowering creative entrepreneurial and seasoned business minds from ages 10 to 110! Share Wealth Financial LLC is a "business family company" geared toward helping families and professionals do more and be better for their communities. Together, it's about not planning for where one isin life or in business, but for where one aims to be.

National Financial Services For Your Personal & Business Goals

All of our clients and Business Affiliate Members are VIP!

At Share Wealth Financial LLC, we are proud to offer national contracts, servicing all 50 states and Puerto Rico! You can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your family, business and community needs and goals. We travel to you, or you can come to us at any one of our national satellite locations. Low-income, working-class and middle-class communities  and business-minded professionals benefit most from our professional services. We start by documenting goals, then comparing them to your current timeline. 

Our goal and focus is to help individuals, professionals and small businesses to maximize their tax refunds while providing them the option to utilize a portion of their tax returns to restore personal credit, establish or legitimize their businesses, qualify for business credit, obtain business tradelines, and set-up irrevocable secure asset protection; allowing our clients the benefit of discretionary tax advantages legally protecting personal and professional assets, eliminating financial liabilities, while simeultaneously building wealth and deferring taxes.

We invite you to share information about our services available to clients and business affiliates! We'll reward you with our travel referral program, you'll enjoy national or international leisure. 

Health and wealth go hand-and-hand, like having protected assets pair with having good credit. Learn how to overcome credit challeng! Have erroneous, inaccurate and obsolete items disputed from your credit report! Some items may be unverifiable! Our affiliate partner targets all 3 credit bureaus and dispute ALL negative items, simultaneously, giving you a fast turnaround time!

Nationally, our most popular individual personal goal is to repair or restore personal credit! Personal credit restoration thru our third-party non-profit affiliate works diligently at disputing stubborn derogatory accounts, inquiries, charge-offs, bankruptcies, collections, medical bills, student loans, foreclosures, and child support, just to name a few. Think about improving your credit score and lowering personal interest rates while investing in building a business for your family. Think about improving your credit score to qualify for financing to protect your personal and professional assets! You can accomplish all of this with us!

Make your money, make money; our forex business affiliates can help you there! For those with a strong sense of business ownership to the core, make your money, make you national "generational wealth" money, in your sleep! Become a business affiliate with us! 

Build, expand, fund and protect your business! For those serious about business legitimization, growth and expansion, our team of experienced coaches, finance officers and asset protection specialists will work simultaneously to help you protect your assets and establish business credit completely independent of your social security number. Thru our subsidiary, Share Wealth Business Builder LLC, we qualify driven dedicated entrepreneurs for business credit, funding and trade-lines. Invest in your business and impressed investors will invest in you!

Invest in your own family brand with low start-up costs, on scholarship: Tax Prep, CPE Tax Courses, Error-Proof Tax Software, Tax Agency Ownership, Personal Credit Restoration, Funding, Business Credit, Tradelines, Financing and Tax Deferred Irrevocable Asset Protection.

Building Strong Futures

We're passionate about helping our clients with making their tax refunds work for them; implementing health and wellness, moving another step closer to planning for retirement, and enjoying family leisure. Our goal? To safeguard the dreams you strive to achieve and the assets you work hard to accumulate.  

Always invest in yourself, then reward yourself... we welcome the opportunity for us to service you and help you to meet your family financial goals, what ever they may be. 

We take pride in our national B.A.M. Network! With the help of our national Business Affiliate Members, we help clarify the importance of life insurance and asset protection, while focusing on years ahead. It's all possible if you focus your aim to create a plan, set weekly, monthly, and annual goals then execute!

This article was published on 11.06.2019 by Tomori Adeyemi
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