The Isagenix Opportunity Snapshot

I don’t know if you’ve been to my site yet, that has plenty of videos on the main page as well as under the Isamovie tab explaining products, opportunity and gives some training points as well. In a nut shell, Isagenix is a health and wellness company that has plenty of product lines that appeal to almost everyone. The product lines are, Anti-aging, weightloss, energy, performance and skincare. There are nutritionals, weightloss, meal replacement products, anti-aging supplements, energy drinks, protein and adaptogen drinks, snacks, weightlifting supplements and whey protein shakes, to name a few.

Whether you eat, drink, supplement or snack there are plenty of things for everyone to save on from what they are currently buying. That helps as you can actually save money before even starting your business side.

The business opportunity is second to none. Isagenix has been around for 14 years and is currently in momentum. Myself and my sponsor have over 50 years of combined experience in this industry and he is the all-time income earner in the company. He is also ranked 50th in the world with respect to income in this field.

The Isagenix compensation is very lucrative as it is a binary program that has 2 legs to combined to earn commissions on (a left and right leg). If you watch the compensation program video, you will see all 6 ways to earn as an Isagenix associate. Whether you want to just consume the products, buy at wholesale and sell at retail, or start to build an organization with the goal of achieving residual income for a lifetime, there is a plan for everyone.

Whether you call it selling or sharing, the idea is to tell people (people you know, people you just met, leads, ect) of your experience with Isagenix. It is hopeful that your experience is good, both on the product side as well as the business side and this "sharing" with others gets them to look at the products or the opportunity, or both.

Besides great products and a fantastic compensation program, all associates get a website, a back office, training materials and access to all types of learning materials and instructional videos and much, much more.

There is obviously much more we could get into but if you like what you have seen this far you can call me at 732-298-6010, email me back or contact me through my website and we can go over everything and I can answer any questions that you may have. Have a great one, Anthony

This article was published on 12.03.2016 by Anthony Lombardo
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Isagenix - Nutritionals, weight, Free to join

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