The DEREGULATION of CABLE is HERE (even President Obama has been talking about it - see his speech on the website mentioned below) and the 17yr old company - NXR Global is 1-step ahead and ready for it by the opening of their tech division and the introduction of the Vstream Media Centre.

The VStream TV Media Streamer is the newest generation of multimedia player and entertainment gateway for your TV!

The latest technology based on the Android system enables many applications including web browsing, 2D & 3D games, video chat, and other streaming applications to view your favorite TV Shows and movies! The system includes everything you need - ie. streaming box, keyboard, mouse and remote. It also has a built-in HD camera which can be utilized with apps such as Skype, Periscope and more as well as the remote has a built-in mic. This system has been labeled "The First Living Room Computer" besides it can almost do everything your computer can do, from browsing the internet to running your favorite Android games, but what's it's most famous for is replacing cable tv. It's like having cable and your own personal redbox right in your home.

Each VStream2 Media Center includes standard AV cables and an HDMI cable to allow easy connection regardless of the age of your television. Also, the VStream2 Media Center will come in it's own custom gift box packaging.

Most unique is the fact that our company has included our exclusive Vstream Updater. This little app allows the company to push out updates so the user does not have to worry about the box becoming a paper weight like most streaming devices you see today. The company keeps the streaming software updated without the end-user having to know how to do it. Just the push of the button and it updates everything for you! How cool is that?

And you can build a huge residual income from home sharing it with others!! In fact, you can join as a distributor for FREE and refer others to your website to order a VStream and you earn 20% in commissions!

Or you can upgrade to our PRO MEMBERSHIP for just $68.50 per month and get:

Discounts on VStream Media Centers (as low as $149 each), Travel Perks Vacation Savings Membership, My Deals Savings Club Membership, 50% OFF Nutronix Health Products, Custom Capture Pages and Autoresponder System, Increased Commissions, Much More! 

And you will earn 30% on your personal referrals and up to an additional 40% on your downline orders! In addition, you will earn on other Pro Members that come into your organization!

You must See the Huge Obama Announcement and more info here:

Get in on the Ground Floor of this Opportunity of a Lifetime! 

Visit us now at

Let's Prosper!

Derek Weller

This article was published on 20.04.2016 by D Sherwin Maurice Weller
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