Elevacity - Xanthohumol & Weight Loss Coffee

Elevacity is currently available in the USA and Canada-- 

Elevacity is All about changing lives and helping others. We do this by Elevating peoples' Health with our Exclusive Nutrition Products, Elevating their Wealth with the best Rewards plan in the profession and Elevating their Happiness to new levels they didn't even know were possible. We are here to Change Lives for the better and to Elevate others in many, many areas of their life. You will Love the feeling you get when someone walks up to You and says "Man, You have truly changed my famly's life in so many ways and we just want to Thank You for what you have done!". That is the Most Awesome feeling in the world and it's all at your fingertips with Elevacity. Let's see how many lives you can change! 

Meridium is the Flagship Product which Elevates your Health and Happiness.  You won’t find such a high level of concentration and purity of Xanthohumol anywhere else besides Meridium, period! 

• Supports cell health to fight stress

• Helps to regulate fat metabolism and storage

• Modulates cholesterol and triglyceride levels

• Promotes general health to ward off illness

• Supports eye cornea and retina health

• Maintains glucose and insulin levels

• Protects against free radicals better than green tea and red wine, with 6 times the power of antioxidant-rich citrus fruits and 4 times the strength of soy foods (which are also high in antioxidants)

• Helps to eliminate toxins from the body

• Modulates the hormone responsible for a sense of well-being

Elevacity is Elevating Lives through -- HEALTH - WEALTH - HAPPINESS

Take a Look at Elevacity today and see the product Line as well as the New Products coming



Weight Loss Coffee -  That Tastes Great !

"Pure" which is a water purification drop that takes heavy metals and stuff out of your water and detoxes the body 

"Timeless" that is a wrinkle cream 



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