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Is ACN a pyramid scheme?

Finding the right place to invest your future in business is the most crucial part of the operation. If you don't find the right place, you won't be in your own element while going ahead and doing it. The subject today is about the company ACN offering the mass an opportunity in telecom. , essential services and products. Does ACN operate like a pyramid scheme, offering people nothing but a cloud of dreams and deception to investors?

What is a pyramid scheme operation at start? It's to deceive investors or franchisee into a business model. At first, a pyramid scheme is looking for new investors to pay out previous ones. Previous ones cash out profits directly related to new investors joining instead of what it's intended to do in business as part of it's business operations. It's important to notice that pyramid schemes raise the price every time another level of business is achieved. Driving the price trough the roof and creating an economic massive vortex. Eventually, a pyramid scheme always run out of money and rather quickly, because in reality, they were meant for the owners to cash out on massive investments and run.

Now, could 23 years old company that grew into 26 countries and generated 800 millions a year in sales globally possibly still be a pyramid scheme model? That would be possible if the investment would pay out profits without any real sales really being added in the business. In ACN, every bonus or residual income is achieved trough selling services or products. Even the team customer acquisition bonuses rewarding the top 6 positions in upline when approx. 3 services are acquired by a new team trainers in 60 days is related to sales. When a bonus is related to sales, it's a bonus just like what is used in a car dealership with employees or any other retail environment. ACN is then not a pyramid scheme, it's totally legal and really profitable over time.

Why is the industry of mlm misunderstood in my opinion? The industry is often misunderstood by people who see every opportunity as a get quick rich program. They don't realize it's related to real sales of products delivering great value to people and feeding kids. If any of your friend think otherwise, you can now prove him wrong. ACN also offers one great price for the whole organization, from top to bottom. Ask me how selling approx. 30 services in ACN will unlock the whole compensation plan.

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This article was published on 06.10.2016 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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