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Helping hands international was born out of passion to help the less privilege in the society. It was founded by a dynamic lady from Philippines, her name is LUZVIMINDA MAC-ELVIS. And ofcourse, co-founder Dr.Ramiel policarpo a dentist from Japan. Helping Hands International was founded by this two great guys, they came together and join resources, and they started the organization. Helping Hands International came into Nigeria 2013, and it was PRE-LAUNCHED in may 2014. Now let me tell you this, if you are to join a business there are 3PS you have to look out for in any business organization or partnering with such company. The first P is: 1. The people 2. The product or services 3. Profit. The first P as mentioned above, the founder of the organization or company, how reputable they are, what is there aim and objectives? What is there vision/ mission. The second P. Is the product or services What does the organization or company has to offer to it partners/member. But in H2i we offer services. And what are this services? 1. Humanitarian service. 2. Assets and property support service. 3. Trade and skill acquisition service. 4. Financial support service. 5. Scholarship awards service. This are the 5 services helping hands international render to it members. Humanitarian services, As a member of helping hand you can nominate a non member for empowerment. Trade and skill acquisition, this is applicable to only member of H2i, you will be called upon to come and learn any skill of your choice, Such fish farming, perfume, car tracking, soap making, insecticide, computer. Etc. Assets and property support. As a member of H2i, you will be qualified to ask for any property you will like or wish to buy, H2i will support you with 70% n you will pay 30%.. Financial support service. As a member you can request for a grant up to $44,000, and you will pay back within a year, and this is not from your pocket, but from your earnings from H2i.. Scholarship awards. As a active member of H2i, 2 of your children will be on the wings of H2i How do we profit from this organization/ company after we have invested? Now this organization called helping hands international was really to this country to eradicate poverty, with the approval of former President of this country. And there cooperate office located in lagos @ Goodluck Jonathan Estate, 26b cluster flat 2,Isheri Olofin, Alimosho LGA, Egbeda. Lagos. Nigeria. Now this is how to profit from this organization. The founder said empower minimum of 2 of your friends, neighbors, family to change there lives. When you introduce this 2 ppl to donate to Organization, teach them to also do the same, and your earnings keep growing, as long as everyone is producing there 2. By doing this you've created a passive income yourself, and this is for life. The third P Is the profit/earning process.. Your Benefits As A Registered Member of Helping Hands International : Stage 1- $26-$48 +$10 bonus. Stage 2: Level 1-NIL Level 2-$100 Level 3-$200 Level 4-$300 Level 5-$400 Total matrix bonus $1000 +an ipad/laptop & a CUG Glo Sim, 10% Matching bonus to uplink. Stage 3: Level 1-$200 Level 2-$300 Level 3-$500+Dubai trip,all expense paid. Level 4-$500 Level 5-$1500 Total matrix bonus $3000 + a brand new car(Hyundai) + Empowerment for 2 people recommended by you ( &1,000 each ) =$2,000 5% matching bonus to uplink -$100. Stage 4: Level 1-$300 Level 2-$300 Level 3-$500 Level 4-$900 Level 5-$4000 Total=$6,000+Executive Hyundai Jeep Empowerment for 1 motherless home Interest free loan $12000 ,on request 5%matching bonus to uplink $300. Stage 5: Level 1-$2000 Level 2-$10000 Total=$12,000 + Housing fund $40,000 All expense paid int'l trip Education fund $2000 Yearly infinity bonus $5000 Elite club loan $44000 5% matching bonus to uplink $600 Board of trustee(Director) Trustee bonus $800000 Global profit pool yearly $10000 Residual income for life$10000 Become a director in next line in country to be launched with 1%commission paid in all sign ups from such country 2 orphans from any orphanage home in ur neighborhood for scholarship award for 2people from your religious settings to be empowered. Attending AGM in Hawaii, USA, PARIS. YOU ARE FINANCIALLY FREED FOR LIVE!!!

Visit the company website at  or inbox/whatsapp me on 07064825360
This article was published on 07.07.2016 by Agara Humphrey
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